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Russian novelist \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B's novel "Silence" has seen it? ? Who can provide as much detail as Comments on the article? Or personal views are OK, THX!

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:40:37

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Turn, I hope to help you! "Silence" comment I like reading, like music. After reading this "silent", if an analogy, then, feels like the first ballad of death, cold and desolate. I Gulou few heard, heard \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B before this, of course, did not read his stuff, "silence" people feel the tone of deep and dark, as I appreciate the folk music of death, but not cold, I can only say that these novels do not have much of a good impression. "Silence" is an early short \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B. Story is very simple, an old priest of the mean, arrogant and cold. Led to the tragic death of her daughter, attracted the condemnation of his wife, and the collapse of the last priest. Novel has a very strong Russian writers of that era's style of psychological description is very delicate, so I immediately thought of reading another Russian writer Dostoevsky Tuo style, cold, grotesque, horror, cruelty. Throughout the novel are very simple, not redundant document begins with a direct portrayal of a night, "moonlit, nightingale singing" deliberately make the environment look with his wife to face a painful contrast to his wife's hand shaking, sobbing language . Yi Gena quarter of the ministry's husband is frowning disapproval of the way, they went to the attic room to see that the daughter lying on the bed. Despite his father's voice from the gentle to the further irony to the intense cold in the face of her attitude is always to maintain a kind of silence, the parents had to leave. A week later, she threw themselves in front of. Fiction does not specifically explain why the sick daughter, but the attitude towards his father's point of view, the father bears a large responsibility. Is the arbitrary destruction of the daughter of his father's love? Authoritarian father of her daughter's career? Is the daughter of his father's cool that sink? Do not know, of not making a fuss here, the novel has the unique simple short stories, imagination left to others, or of anything else such as a focused intention to also unknown. Daughter died, his wife had a stroke, and since then unable to speak, the daughter of "silence", she is also "silent" the. We want to see the funeral Yi Gena quarter to recognize their mistakes, where the novel suggests that her daughter's death is the responsibility of the pastor, although no matter how clear the final analysis. "But the priest tried to straighten the back, he thought his daughter was not dead, but how to keep his dignity, does not result in their own disgrace." From the date of her burial, silence enveloped the house " as if all of the air have become the same pressure as the lead in his head and shoulders portrait of his daughter's gaze, eyes always focused their attention on the portrait of him, in silence; this silence could be so strong that he can almost hear to it. "It is from that quarter from the date of Father Ignatius began to be conscience, he would like to explain something, but no one heard his explanation, he as been understanding, but get only silence. "My daughter's Silence, as long as the grave, cold, like the mysterious death, this silence seemed even feel the pain itself, tortured, like a wire tightly wrapped around him so that he could not move." Delicate description of the heart is a major feature of this short story, but also the expertise of that time the Russian novelist, read novels sometimes almost see the shadow of his thoughts, some buried deep in the heart of things is not perceived to be excavated, was reluctantly show on paper, the backbone of the waves will not help cool. Fiction is full of mysticism, stream of consciousness writing sometimes even more absurd, the author was silent in order, but also created a kind of climate of fear. "When Yi Gena quarter, look around your eyes wide open when a damaged body was mutilated the terrible vision, clearly displayed in front of him ... ... and the answer he is silence." Even if the terrorist, and no cold quarter of the Yi Gena more uncomfortable silence, the minister decided on the cemetery the next day to ask what was going on. Unfortunately, the "Silence enveloped the entire cemetery, which is so vast expanse of silence - only a pair of dark, stubborn, tenacious scattershot expressive eyes, is its end." Priest about to collapse, and this silent resistance, so that He trembled. "Grave like an icy cold hit toward the ear, so cold in his head; This is the Vera talking - but she still spoke with a sustained silence in. When he suddenly looked up from the ground pale as a dead body the head, feel the air is because of this silence, like the rising roar of the ocean surf, trembling, shaking. silence suffocating him, like an ice left over from his head rolling. He trembling , straightened back pain. "Yi Gena quarter when they got home, it was already dark, she returned to his wife around the mouth of what to expect from his wife, can result, pastors desperate" to see the dark gray eyes. the eyes, that does not show mercy, forgive the expression could not find, they are silent, their silence. "novel to an end. Read some information online, \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B are related to many famous works of this "silent," just like the idea of strange, the plot focused, heavy use of symbolism, and many people lose their individuality and be abstracted into a conceptual "person." He is different from the traditional realism, but also from popular at the time of Modernism, art unique. "Silence" is probably one of the work \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B typical, and its dark tone, image exaggerated and intense, very focused on the character of the psychological description. Short length novel, the description of the characters is very contagious, through many scenes and details to show a good depiction of the theme - "silence" the condemnation of human nature. But having said that, I do not particularly appreciate this novel, the novel makes the whole atmosphere kind of discomfort. Many in the use of short words, such as graves, cold, dead body, pale, dead bodies and so on, building some of the scenes made me feel like a Gothic style of MTV, in China, if not deliberately seeking unique or very dark psychological who rarely people will like the music. A good work and the difference between a great work, I think the big thing is just good enough to work on certain aspects even exceed Yong for, there will be some sense in it deliberately, but it is great work Road to slowly, people felt in the few words in its theme. Take movies, brutal war films that show like "Brothers" a class, do their utmost to describe fight scenes, although the players are shocked when the whole scene, giving a strong visual impact, but nothing memorable things , perhaps not long after reading will be forgotten. Some of the contradictions of human nature works Shique casually digging through the war zone during the war and focus on the spirit of the character changes and distortions, such as "Apocalypse Now", led the audience through with a confused, chaotic and surreal long exploration, which means Mrs far. The same case applies to rock music in the history of some of the most classic guitar solo is often not the fastest and most unusual, technically playing skills can indeed reach a certain height, but the technicians and the difference is that engineers need to master technology master abandoned the technology, angelo speed and then we just heard a string of fast notes, and ericclapton often use very simple sound, slowly sketched it is so hard to get out of the melancholy of the environment. As a result, I do not think "silence" is how the Ministry works perfectly, it comes down to better alternative. "Silence" is like inside the Xiepai martial arts master, must have its sinister and ruthless martial arts moves, said, but the general sense of the road is not straight, the foundation impure. After reading the "silent" feeling kind of pessimistic or mystical elements in it. When summarized as "silence" the good and the invisible as the embodiment of evil against the old priest, and finally forced the collapse of the evil, but evil after the collapse of what? There is no point in the novel suggests, people feel something more to say, hesitantly, not very practical sense. "Silent" on the one hand represented by the minister stubborn critically evil forces, but on the other hand do not see the way out, only to \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B shouting "I want to crash the" let the matter rest, which may limited to \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B level. Another explanation is \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B a pessimist, and his philosophy is pessimistic philosophy, as his other novels, the "wall" the last hero standing helplessly against the wall, fell into despair, and "Red Laugh" is even more tragic: the protagonist and his family into a "Red Laugh" surrounded, only to die it! Then in the "silence" on the inside of the attribution of the last priest noncommittal not hard to understand. Silence is indeed without doubt weapons. The silence of the article is clearly a moral category, represents a good hair to the evil anti-silent, and sometimes feel that they are pessimistic view of human nature, whether of silence really have this much power and even the collapse of the condemned man inside, I doubt it. The moral pressure, were mostly just began to feel uncomfortable, then more and more peace of mind to let the matter rest. "Silence" Finally the minister condemned as leading to the collapse of the mind about the ideal composition of the inside. Transition period of social change in the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, Gorky, etc. as described by most of the giant's image, to those who burn their own community for the people to people, but \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B but with their different, are written ordinary people, struggling in his own mind that the world has no way to escape the contradictions of ordinary people. This is probably my favorite \u7039\u590A\u75C9\u9352\u6944\u20AC\u8DFA\u304B point.

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