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"Water Margin" in the end who wrote it?

Shinai most people say, how they can be heard some people say is the Luo? History books have said so!

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:40:39

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TV series "Water Margin" marked as Shinai author, Luo Guanzhong people, causing many viewers wondering: "Water Margin" Shinai of a person is clearly not up, how to become a Shinai, Luo Guanzhong two people? Long story. In the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, "Water Margin" is consistently the most popular version of the printed edition Yokado, the assessment of the tan (back to the seventies), it is question of the Department of Shinai. In the founding of the PRC, the "Cultural Revolution" before, "Water Margin" is the most popular version of the order of the People's Literature Publishing House, it is still the question of the Department of Shinai. Also, in many works on the history of the discourse of literature, but also the "Water Margin" copyright attributed Shinai one. Therefore, a long time, "" Water Margin "is the author of Shinai" This view has left people very deep impression. In fact, on "Water Margin" the author, there have always been a variety of claims, "Shinai Writing" is just one of them only. Leaving aside those ridiculous argument (for example, "Water Margin" Chenopodium Light Church printed edition title "Father of Yaozong town Kuo-fan made") is not, Ming and Qing dynasties, in the "Water Margin" versions, notes and people in the text bibliographic records, the main argument has the following three ways: (a) Lang Ying Luo Guanzhong essays found in "Seven Revised draft class," Tian Rucheng "West Lake Zhi Yu," Wang Qi, "added Book of General", "book of anecdotes compiled" Xu Zichang "Man Ailanthus recorded fast," Nguyen Health "Chayu Hakka" and other books of records, and the money was "also a National Bibliography," the recording in. (B) of the Shinai, Luo Xiaoying found in high-Confucianism "Sea bibliography," the recording in "Outlaws of the Marsh", "Jia Jing" (back to Beijing eight residues of the library), the days are outside the order of the minister, printed edition of the title is long Yuan Department and the capacity and the Church printed edition of the Li Zhuowu order, printed edition of the five lakes Yingxue old cottage order, Mustard Seed Garden polyester printed edition more than a large order of the narrative. (C) Shinai essays found in "Water Margin" Xiongfei Hall printed edition, Guan Huatang printed edition the title number, and Hu Ying-lin, "Shao Shishan room pen Cong", Xu Fu Zuo, "Sam Ka Tsuen old Committee on", Xu Pi "know little record," Zhou Hui, "Jinling Trifles", the money Xiyan "show flaws," Liu Shiyi "play easily Xuan knowledge record," Cao Yuke "over Liangshan in mind," Wang Shizhen "DrayTek record," Golden Zhi "towel box said," Herbert Leung rope "glance in mind" , Jiao Xun "Drama said," Li Chaoqiong "cabinet Xuan notes" and other books of records. Which statement most reliable or more reliable it? Start to see the author's records. The first argument, first appeared in Lang Ying (1487-1566) of "Seven revised draft class." Lang Ying Ming Jia Jing and when the people are. The second argument, first appeared in the high-Confucianism of the "Sea bibliography." Birth and Death of high Confucian unknown, but "Sea bibliography" Jiajing frontispiece nineteen years of high Ru (1540) Preface, we know that he and Lang Ying, it is also when people Jiajing. The third argument, first appeared in the Hu Ying-lin (1551-1602) of the "Shao Shishan room pen Cong." And Hu Ying-lin is a million people took. Therefore, from the time they had appeared on the comparison, the first argument and second argument is undoubtedly earlier than the third argument. From "Water Margin" version of the title department to see. The first argument does not appear in any of the existing version of the title department to claim the title the second version of the Department of Jiajing mostly seen in the Ming Dynasty, Wanli, the third argument of the two versions appeared in the late Ming years Chongzhen ; Therefore, from the time that the third argument is also later than the first argument and second argument. Say, does that mean the first argument, second argument is more reliable, third say the least reliable? Not necessarily. To the first argument is concerned, it is probably the least reliable. We know that Luo Guanzhong is the "Romance of Three Kingdoms," the author. At this point there is no controversy. The "Three Kingdoms" and "Water Margin" two novels in the language do not form completely. The former is used in the classical Qian Jin. Out of the latter to the popular vernacular. That they out of the pen of the same author, it is difficult to get people's approval. The second argument and third argument although there appears the difference between early and late emergence, but they share in common: the Shinai is the author or one of the authors, they are in fact mutually supportive. Therefore, from this perspective, they are more reliable. The second argument, the Shinai, a common author Luo Guanzhong, has some truth. But the shortcoming is that it is not clear what their relationship: two among whom the main, who plays? Accordance with the common sense to judge, not just 50% to 50%, not so coincidentally. In the Qing Dynasty, some people (for example, "Water Margin One hundred and eight will map" of the inscriptions Xu Wei Jen) sitting implementation of the measures, two of the division of Romania, to give back to the former Shinai seventy, after fifty-back to give written by Luo Guanzhong . This is just a guess out of thin air, but there is also too late: only in the "Water Margin" hundred and twenty back to the seventies back to the popular, it is possible initiation in people's minds. To more accurately understand their relationship, the only way is to visit the Ming Dynasty on "Water Margin" in the title of the Department of High-Confucianism "Sea bibliography": "Shinai of this, Luo Guanzhong of arrangement"; "Jia Jing" , days are outside the order of the minister, Yuan infinite printed edition: "Shinai set essays, Luo Guanzhong Compiling." The so-called "the present" is the Song, Yuan, Ming era of common language. That is, "authentic." "Set essays," contain "writing" means. This indicates that the Shinai is the author, is the author of. The so-called "Compilation", interpreted as "'Edit", and "compilation time" is the same meaning. That is to say, Luo Guanzhong is the editor, or finishing, processors. Therefore, first, Shinai copyright should be unequivocally recognized; second, Luo were involved in the creative process, he is Shinai partners, should be treated fairly. Based on the above understanding, I think, from the narrow sense, the Shinai is the "Water Margin" author; Broadly speaking, the "Outlaws of the Marsh" is a Shinai, Luo Guanzhong two co-products. In short, the TV series "Water Margin" indicating the original author for the facilities, Luo two, is well founded, and no fault can be criticized. (Liu Shide) Reference:

2014-07-28 01:40:39