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There is no praise poem dragon? Thank you!!! Better than dragon dragon dragon what is it? Thank you!!!

I want to write a long poem of praise? Please help look

Posted on 2014-07-28 01:40:41

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Two thousand three hundred years ago, a poet, philosopher, scholar-officials also are hovering in the Dongting Lake. He sometimes thought Dishou, and sometimes his back to praise. Jade plate in the bead-level lines of poetry go, he suppressed the kind of confusion in the mind of a crash out: that the initial state of the ancient, who pass on down? World has not yet formed, so how to research? Water day and night, darkness. Who can tell the limit? Weather, sports, grams of invisible earnings. How can knowledge be heaven and earth? Yu used to be dragons. How to communicate Jianghai? How long should draw to the end? Rivers to the sea, what experience? Daylight is everywhere that the candles and then according to how long? The sun not up yet, why God shines Guanghua tree? The Scholar is a famous poet during the Spring and Autumn. The above verse from his "Heaven." In the poem, Qu Yuan, hundreds of questions raised in one breath, from nature to society, from history to legend, he boldly proposed to have doubts about nature, "Dragon" This fetish has not escaped his keen eyes. Flood control, because the legend of the year when there was to be the dragon (a dragon with wings) to the end of zoned land, as Yu pointed out that the route to ease the flood, so future generations have the mighty river.

2014-07-28 01:40:41