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supplier in Hong Kong or China?

I base in Texas, USA. Import mainly towels and dishcloths. I found it strange when I visited HK trade show, at least 3-5 suppliers only say the price, but not in details of what they can do in packaing, shipping, delivery time, min. qty per color, how embrodiery work... They are so afraid of me trying to copy their designs. Is it because I am a Chinese? In sales, I spent so much effort in presentation, finding niche in servicing our customers, but my supplier only complains if they make one sample for us, he expects $10,000 to one container order. I also talked with one agent in HK, he is so afraid to give any sample, even pictures. I want to know if other buyers have the similar problems? Many of our trade shows we go to like New York, California, all of them cost money and time, but if supplier only wants to invest $20 for a sample, that is not what I want. Since I have to take care of business here in USA, I count on reliable supplier, please send me your resume to outline if you are agent or manufacturer and advise me how you can help me to establish reliable relationship. Thank you. Keysource     

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:44

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I think most of the suppliers you met at Hongkong Trade Show are not real manufacturers sometimes. Hongkong is a trade centre and Mainland China is the real manufacturing base for most of the items worldwide. The salespersons do not really know much about the process of production in China if they are not from the factories. You're suggested to attend local trade fairs in Mainland China next time. We always attend trade fairs on behalf of foreign companies in China and we can get enough details on all the trade terms, sampling and delivery etc at local trade fairs. Please feel free to ask me any question related.

2013-02-14 23:26:44