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Procedure for Export through courier?

Hi,I already have the IEC. I wanted to ask a few things regarding export through courier.In my case:-The value of goods to be exported is always below INR 20,000Items to be exported are small toys, glass items.All payment are received prior to export in USD.I do not intend to claim & duty drawback incentives.I have spoken to few Courier Companies, and am given to understand,Since the value of goods is below INR 20,000 I do not require any GR/PP form.I have to prepare only Commercial Invoice & Shipping Invoice (in a proforma)For each shipments I will receive a AWB/Shipment Receipt.I have spoken to my bank and am told. I will require only AWB/Shipment Receipt and since RBI has some waiver for GR/SDF/PP Forms upto 25,000 USD the funds will be released and they will issue a BRC/FIRC.I want to now, considering the above is it mandatory for me to also get a BILL OF EXPORT for each shipment from the courier company. I think this is a document endrosed by customs department. I am asking this as the courier companies tells me that for this document I will require a EDI registration & they will charge me Rs. 800 for each shipment for customs clearence. And since I do not intend to claim any duty drawback I do not require the BILL OF EXPORT.I am a bit confused. If anyone here can sum up & throw some light it would be of big help..thanks for your time,Shiva

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:42

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check logistics

2013-02-14 23:26:42