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Import electric motorcycles to Egypt

I wish to import an initial lot of electric motorcycles to Egypt from China as part of a tourism rental project. I need to find an Egypt Importer/Agent to assist with customs clearance. I have not been able to identify an importer to assist me - how would I obtain assistance with the importing? Can you please advise? F.Parsons

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:58:33

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Send your agent complete documents as follows: bill of lading, CO, embassy certification, invoice, packing list and sales contract! embassy Certification is first before getting CO, commercial invoice (stamp with comapny bar),sales contract (stamp with company bar) CO cost RMB100, need two days, embassy Certification RMB3000 in ShangHai!

2013-02-15 00:58:33

Is n't there any local B2B for you to find such service? as you said you unable to identify, if you could find such B2B local that they are verified better than international and can be trusted. Then search with keywords "custom broker".  In fact, you can just contact a shipping agent locally, besides shipping, they can also supply you custom clearance and delivery, if they don't supply this service, they can also guide you to the company that supply this service.   when you are making LCL goods in China, make sure that "made in china" are printed on all units and packagings.  

2013-02-15 00:58:33