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How can I legally import controlled substances?

Pharmacueticals are big business in the States. I recently taught a class on persuasion and screened (I know, I know...) Michael Moore's film "Sicko" to show how bias affects very pertinent subjects. Well, frankly, it left me scheming. Some inhalers that sell for $120 here are merely pennies in third world countries (Cuba precisely....I know, I know). However, many US pill factories are located in another third world locale (India) where business is booming and they speak the king's English. UPS and FedEx reported they offered a "Customs Brokerage" service wherein they could legally receive and transfer these products to a small import/export company. Sounds good but certainly the company would need some sort of DEA clearance if dealing with CSs. no? What about Listed Chemicals? Please shed some light on this. If there's a law firm that can sort the details that'd be grand as new US legal jargon is not my forte and I have a friend in Mumbai pushing an attractive proposition. Thanks all.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:09