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One of my customer keep change their mind with new project what can i do ?

If my customer keep change their mind with new project for One year what can i do ? I have one customer , we have very good relation ship ,but in the passed one year ,they have keep change their mind on the new project For example : Design for product , Mould design for product , factory , product color ...... We are very patient with all the business with them ,but since their change problem we have lose many time and invest money on this project ,since they are one of our very old friend ,i know they much work with us for this project ,but sometime make us feel disappoint .My customer is a big company ,and they have many person work on this case with me , but non of them can make a final decision for that ,so what can i do on this ?

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:12

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Big companies work on a system and each thing is analyzed before implementation..   Its better you keep working with them and influence their decision making process.   There will be one who take decisions... find and have a clear talk..   Cheers.. 

2013-02-15 01:00:12

Thanks Murthy Kadam, Yes, i keep working with them . You are right ,we need to have a clear talk if it's possible . But the boss not take care this business in company , so hard to find someone clear to talk and make a final decision . They always have transfer of staff , like last time there two manager visit me push me about this project ,but now when i got the problem with their import DEPT,i mail to this manager ,but they reply me ,they already change the DEPT and not take care about this . What can i do . It looks i need to sit down and waiting i lose time and money .

2013-02-15 01:00:12