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Any idea on the tenant?

I live in Dallas, Texas and have just moved in the Delafield Villas September 1.I had receieved an eviction citation april 20 by a constable. The paper stated that I had recieved a notice to vacate the apartment april 6. Im always at home and havn't received an type of notice regarding to vacate. The citation complaint was for multiple violations broken blinds. I havn't seen these lease violations until I showed up in court april 27. The case was dismissed finally. I feel like the manager was just harassing me and will continue to do so. What should I do in case this ever happen?

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:35

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I'm not sure why a manager would go through the effort and expense of a court eviction for the sole purpose of harassing you. The only thing you can do is to adhere to the terms of your lease, and if you do, then there will be no grounds for such legal actions. If they do continue to try and evict without grounds to do so, you can attempt to sue the landlord for malicious harassment (not sure what the exact language is in the legal world), but to do that you should consult with an attorney. Note that when your lease expires, i would advise finding someplace else to live where you won't have to worry about that sort of thing.

2013-02-15 01:00:35