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how long will it take to make the same kind of money in real estate?

I'm thinking about making a career change. I'm currently in retail management making $70k.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:41

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Unless you have a STRONG background in outside sales, it is likely to be a very big mistake in this market. If you decide to ignore my warning, make absolutely certain that you have at least six months worth of "reserves" (income to settle your ordinary debts). You will also need the first year's education and licensing expenses, plus a modest marketing budget. Very few real estate agents earn $70K, even in a strong market, but all too often they try to "play the role" of a top producer. Don't fall into that trap. Good luck in your decision.

2013-02-15 01:00:41

I believe definitely you can go for change of stream but before that make sure how much keen you are to learn new things of new field and just see your determination level.   Tags:-  Payday Loans 24/7   |  Payday Loans  |  Get cash with Same Day Loans

2013-02-15 01:00:41