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Import brand-name electronics such as DLSR cameras and high-end electronics. We started this business to help pay for my handicapped son's medical expenses. He is paralyzed from the chest down. There is no financial help in today's economy so we do

Can anyone help us find a reputable company to supply us with quality brand-name electronics for our small business? We are looking for namebrand DSLR cameras like Canon and Nikon. We're also looking for any high-end brand-name electronics. We have a group of loyal customers who we wholesale to. The purpose of our businesses is to raise money to supplement the high costs generated by the care our son son. He's a C5-C7 quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest down can't move his arms or legs. He actually tries to live life to the fullest even in his condition. He just graduated with honors and received his BS degree in psychology. He plans on going to grad school to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. He plans on becoming a clinical psychologist and wants to help people who can relate to him because of his condition as he has been through a traumatic experience and can understand them. He helps in helping with the business especially since he came up with the idea a while ago when he helped a friend find a discout TV overseas. He figured this could help pay his medical costs and the family can help out. Things are financially hard now so we need to make this business work. We have to raise money on our own so we need our business to make a profit. Unfortunately theres no help in today's economy. No organizations have the means to help us financially and his condition is very expensive. We need to help ourselves financially now. We'd really appreciate any leads someone can share with us. We need a wholesale electronic supplier. We help our clientele find high-end electronics. We're looking for Canon & Nikon DLSR cameras, TVs etc. We really need a wholesale supplier of high-end electronics and the country of origin doesn't matter if the supplier is legitimate with quality merchandise. Can anyone help us find this information or have suggestions on how to raise money? If you can help or want information please ask. Always need new contacts connections. Helps appreciated.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:06:14