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Would like to distribute chinese solar energy systems in Europe!

I am interested in solar energy panels and whole systems! Since our company is based in Hungary/Middle-Europe it is a perfect place for to become a center for distribution. Contact me if you are a representative of a manufacturing company or wholesaler and would like to be represented in Europe!

Posted on 2013-06-19 03:00:34

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Hi Akos, My friend is working in one factory in Hangzhou,the products are solar energy panels. That factory opens one shop in Yiwu Wholesale Market. The products are being exporting to Africa and Europe and Haiti. My friend's facory is near Yiwu.My friends always ask our company to ship the container to customer.We work friendly and smoothy. I am inviting you to fly to yiwu to have a look and talk about cooperation. If needed,i could send you invitation letter to help you get visa faster. My email: Thks-Bill

2013-06-19 03:00:34

Hello Akos, Please contact me via trademanager or via my email details in my profile. Regards, Dec

2013-06-19 03:00:34

how about solar lights?

2013-06-19 03:00:34