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The EU and other importing countries requirements of the standard list of knitted garments

The EU and other importing countries requirements of the standard list of knitted garments

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:46

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The EU and other importing countries on exports of knitted apparel requirements are clearly defined, particularly those involving health and safety requirements of environmental protection and identification. As for the import and export all kinds of knitted garments abroad, have specific standards for product standards and methods, as follows: NF G00-025-1972 textiles. Knitwear terms. Weft knitted organizations graphic method NF G00-029-1975 Knitting terminology. weft knitted fabric production and the name of the main technical methods that symbol NF G00-030-1975 textiles. knitted terms. midline suture warp knitted fabric of the graphic method NF G00-032-2002 knitting. the basic concepts. vocabulary NF G00-033-2004 knitwear. type. vocabulary NF G07-101-2006 knitted fabrics. Determination of stitch length and weft knitted yarn linear density of NF G07-102-1987 textiles. knitwear test. stress relaxation time Measurement of dimensional changes and stress relaxation of NF G07-109-1980 test fabric. woven or knitted fabric drape the determination of NF G07-121-1987 textiles. fabrics test. woven and knitted fabric pilling resistance Determination of NF G07-130-1985 textiles. knitwear named NF G07-140-1979 textiles. knitwear test. Determination of ultimate tensile strength of NF G07-169-2006 fabric. knitted fabrics. Determination of unit area per unit length and pin the amount of NF G07-222-2005 textiles. fabrics or the determination of anti-wear knitted NF G07-311-1981 textile. textured yarn of the test. Single Line Circular knitting machines (small diameter) produced by the comparison test jersey (small diameter) NF G07-315-1984 textiles. yarn tests. knitting yarn determination of certain characteristics of NF G30-102-1986 textiles. knitwear. limited force measurement NF G30-103-1987 textiles. knitted socks type fabric. jacket and footwear. evaluation of wear simulation with the correct wearing low elastic knitted elastic ASTM D 2594-2004 Standard Test Method ASTM D 3782-1995 and Boys Knitted Dress Suit Fabrics and Knitted Sportswear Jacket, pants , and Trouser Fabrics ASTM D 3787-2001 Standard Performance Specification Test Method for Bursting Strength of knitwear. constant lateral movement Ball Burst Test ASTM D 3882-1999 woven and knitted fabrics in the Bow and Skew Test Method ASTM D 3887 - 1996 Standard Specification for Tolerances knitted ASTM D 3995-1995 Men and Women Knitted Fabrics ASTM D 4115-2002 Standard Performance Specification for Women's and Girls Knitted and Woven Dress Glove Fabrics ASTM D 4158-1992 Standard Performance Specification knitted fabric abrasion resistance of standard test methods (Uniform Abrasion) ASTM D 4235-2001 Women and Girls Knitted Blouse and Dress Fabrics ASTM D 4769-1988 Standard Performance Specification for Textile and more comfortable machine warp knitted BS 2819-1990 fabric and weft knitted bow, skew and vertical Determination of Skew Specification BS 4973-3-1976 lining. Part 3: Woven and knitted lining BS 5441-1988 thaw test methods BS 7343-1990 knitting knitwear Glossary of terms matter BS EN 14970-2006 defective fabric. knitted fabrics. Determination of stitch length and yarn linear density of weft knitted silk fabric BS EN 14971-2006. knitted fabrics. Determination of the length and area per unit volume of BS EN pin ISO 4921-2002 knitting. the basic concepts. vocabulary BS EN ISO 8388-1998 knitwear. type. Vocabulary BS ISO 8388-1998 knitwear. type. vocabulary DIN 53835-14-1992 Testing of textiles. tensile elastic test. knitting material. between the two stretch limit a tensile stress test for textiles DIN 53852-1991. fabrics and knitted yarn length ratio in the determination of test for textiles DIN 53882-1990. knitwear sewing device performance. needlestick damaged DIN 53897 -1993 textile testing. Domestic washing and drying of the knitted fabric drum Determination of dimensional changes DIN 61704-1958 finishing of textiles and knitwear industry operating procedures DIN 61751-3-1969 textile sales unit's basic dimensions. Part 3 : knitted jacket knitted DIN 62050-2005. representation and knitwear designs DIN 62055-1994. pile fabric. vocabulary DIN 62130-1985 circular knitting machine. Terms and definitions DIN EN 14970-2006 fabrics. Determination of stitch length and weft knitted silk yarn linear density DIN EN 14971-2006 textiles. knitted fabric. per unit length and the number of stitches per unit area measured ISO 16322-2-2005 fabrics. Determination of spiral after washing. Part 2: Woven and ISO 16322-3-2005 knitted fabrics. Determination of spiral after washing. Part 3: Woven and knitted garments knitted JIS L0200-1976 pin, said method JIS L0201-1995 Knitting pin Letter symbols used in JIS L1018 ERRATUM 1 - 2001 Test Method for knitwear (Erratum 1) JIS L1018-1999 Test Method knitted JIS L1056-2006 Woven and knitted sliding friction resistance test methods melting JIS L1057-2006 size ironing machine and knitted fabrics to change the test method JIS L1058-2005 textile fibers and Knitted Fabrics Test Method JIS L1060-2006 Woven and knitted pleated Test Method JIS L1061-2004 woven and knitted fabrics to expansion of local arch JIS L1063-1985 Test Method for Textile Machine and knitwear dyes and finishing agents test method JIS L1075-2007 woven and knitted fabrics with pile retention JIS L1076-2006 Test Method woven fabrics and knitted fabric defect testing method JIS L1094-1997 Woven and knitted static tendency test methods JIS L1901-1988 Woven and knitted yarn, the frost by reverse test method BS EN 14362-1:2003 Textiles - certain aromatic amines derived from azo Determination of BS EN 14362-2: 2003 Textiles - from azo determination of certain aromatic amines

2013-02-15 02:04:46