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Several special lining

Several special lining

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:47

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Some special clothing lining up to enhance parts of intensity. Made from different materials, different types of lining, you can play different roles, such as positioning belts, recipients Insert (bamboo), stereotypes welt fabric and other special features of the positioning belt. 1. Positioning closely with the general organization of the fabric is made of narrow strips of cloth, used to increase strength and control the shape of different types of clothing. It has a different width of the pumping port 0.635cm, 0.95cm, 1.27cm, 1.59cm, 1.9Ocm, 2.5cm and so on. Generally used for positioning with side seams of clothing (seam) bit, knitted T-shirts used in the shoulder, collar and other parts. 2. Insert (Bamboo) This is a more solid, flexible strips. Shirt collar is mainly used for office, the role is to lead strong, to prevent any distortion. The plastic materials are polyester, nylon and plastics. Length, width, shape, different, common shape as shown below. Insert the thickness of fabric and shirt style and other relevant, such as a small collar, short, it will need to insert small pieces (bamboo). 3. Fabrics available in the shape of the fabric used for clothing, lining and other fabrics made of cloth or cloth slice for the bottom of the placket shirt front, if no collar at the neckline, buttons at the other, the purpose is to strengthen the fastness. Figure (a) shows, plus the fabric under the button shape in the case. 4. Special shape in certain parts of the garment plus some special shape, like the female bust, waist and peak shape in the metal at the other, is the use of setting a liner to keep the shape of clothing. Figure (b) posted in a metal stereotypes.

2013-02-15 02:04:47