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Franchise alert traps, be sure to make unannounced visits to stores in different locations

Franchise alert traps, be sure to make unannounced visits to stores in different locations

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:47

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"8 million profit the first year you can", "open the door that is earned," "production contract underwriting," "exclusive technology to overcome world problems" ... ... the face of these very attractive franchise business slogans, many interested in franchising entrepreneurs eyebrows. Xiao Wei is about to visit a university graduate, business projects, "recently seen a number of television stations regularly broadcast franchise information, I will focus a little, a lot of stores please franchisees own experiences, I feel really good projects, but still very afraid fooled deceived, do not know how to distinguish between true and false. "Similarly, the end of a retired non-commissioned officers from the force ZHAO also looking for business projects," My fees are 10 million veterans, wanted to stay in the local business, a number of villagers and friends have suggested that I join the chain, I am also Trustee of the project to help me find out. "ZHAO, admits, for the investment project is also not sure what. Franchise case as a regular proxy solicitor, Beijing Lian-Hui Cheng will counsel the law firm said, "currently on the market, a really good franchise business too small, but good business and is particularly high threshold, many companies particularly low threshold In fact, good business in disguise, so, the entrepreneur must be alert to the trap of franchising. "Sun lawyers said the franchise, he saw the rapid development of this industry, the industry also saw a lot of fraud and frustration," I hope to provide for the majority of entrepreneurs in the franchising advice or help. " Can not outperform "the face of franchising information, must not outperform, be sure to visit the headquarters and have been joined in the operation." Sun lawyers say that to entrepreneurs. In 2007, a small Wuxue Cheng returned to study in Germany, ready to find items entrepreneurship. Because often visit a beauty shop, beauty shop owner and staff began lobbying to open chain of beauty shops Xiao Wu, and read out a set of information for Xiao Wu. Information on that part of this beauty chain in Hong Kong, an international group of more than 10 cities and regions in a branch, information clearly and simply listed on the schedule of the profit the first year can have 80 thousand yuan net profit. While moving the heart, but Xiao Wu is also concerned about the management of stores, businesses and ensure that the manager and staff can be assigned to maintain operations, Xiao Wu, the boss just on it. In the initial fee paid after the 120,000 yuan, Xiao Wu, a beauty shop opened. But as time goes on, she found beauty shop customer service more and more dissatisfied because the store operation weight loss products do not achieve the effect of weight loss, Xiao Wu realized that he might cheated. "This is a typical case of belonging to outperform deceived, this case is my agent." Lian-will, "said Xiao Wu returned to this enterprise to produce many award certificates, through our communication with the quality inspection bodies found , presented the certificate to be false institutions institution, the certificate must be forged. in 3 months, Xiao Wu has been lost, including more than 20 million, including the initial fee. "entrepreneurs must not listen to the franchisor's boast, do not rely business owners said the franchisee system, brand, and even some large enterprises will be disguised as international enterprises and famous brands, which is Sun lawyers experience. Once, Lian-drink coffee in the cafe, the owner says he is an Italian brand of chain stores. For professional-sensitive, Lian-will remember this when leaving the store in English and Chinese names, and took some store information. After a professional survey, Lian-will find this is a fake Italian brand franchise business, "I understand that the best of times more than a dozen chain stores, but now is gradually closed down. Because there is no brand, no recognition, but also mode of operation did not succeed, companies have no competition, competition with other brands in the inevitable defeat. "Do not rush to sign" you are worried about what he'll give you a guarantee. those who set the franchise scam dispel people will do everything possible to join those concerns, and eager to sign. franchisee for this franchise, the entrepreneur should do more investigation. "Sun lawyers said. Entrepreneurs on a sports clothing chain trabecular generated great interest. Trabecular franchisor read about a few stores, "the location of their stores are in relatively good location, beautifully decorated hall, the quality of clothing is also very good, and the price is low. Because of watching several different shop, I believe, signed the contract. chain director also repeatedly I guarantee you can return unsold clothing, but also to ensure that Hall arranged for me and told me not to have any concerns. "In this way, good decoration trabecular facade, but other goods sent to the trabecular found, inspection of goods and quality of the goods when they see a completely different, "style is not new, quality is poor, simply can not sell the clothes." Summed up his experience of trabecular deceived, that is because they have been reassured by the other party, that foolproof. Franchise Fraud variety of ways, some franchisors sell machines and raw materials, initial fee do not accept that the machine is also underwriting the products. "And other machines sold, the franchisee failed to product quality will be a variety of reasons such as refusing to recall the products, so that no threshold is not necessarily a good thing." Lian-speak. Should make unannounced visits to stores in the Baidu search for "franchise" and found the website publishing franchise is very much information. Called the A often advertise on television franchise site phone, asking how to join in the website information, a staff member said: "The only need to show your business license you can, you can copy." A business license copy to examine whether a company has a franchise qualified? "Certainly is not enough, this release is hard to determine the authenticity of the information out, entrepreneurs can easily deceived." Sun lawyers expressed interest in joining the franchise entrepreneurs should first understand the concept of franchising this model, features, content, mode of operation and other content, and is best known as "Regulations of Commercial Franchise," because the Ordinance defines the qualifications franchisor, the implementation of a record management system and information disclosure system, to understand these, investors have in the study project a clear study goal, to be able to avoid being taken. "But I think still insisted that it should make unannounced visits to stores, to make unannounced visits to stores in different locations, this is the safest way." Sun lawyers said frankly. According to Lian-will, our country's "Administration of Commercial Franchise Ordinance" has been on May 1, 2007 implemented, Lian-would think about franchising law should also be further improved, "such as the Regulations of the franchisor engaged in franchising activities should have at least two outlets, and business for more than 1 year. This we call the '2 +1', but I think the current credit system in China, the '2 +1' is clearly not enough, it should be provided for longer life number, this will help standardize the idea that corporate fraud. "cheated if franchising entrepreneurs how to restore the losses? Sun lawyers said, litigation is not the best solution, "because the litigation is a time-and cost something, preferably through to industrial and commercial administrative organs such as the Commerce Department to resolve the complaint, also a lawyer on behalf of the concessionaire representations of people, litigation is the ultimate solution. "

2013-02-15 02:04:47