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CASTLE rapid method to enhance the clothing brand

CASTLE rapid method to enhance the clothing brand

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:47

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The essence of brand positioning, is hard enough accurate, get a bit dark! Just think, in which thousands of competing brands, how to make their brand stand out it? If there is no strong effect of the law, fight advertising blindly, in the end for the others to do the wedding dress may also be unaware of it ... ... now the Chinese market, extremely variable, at the same time can be divided into different levels, such as first-line market, the second third-line markets. In the process of brand marketing, business according to their actual situation, make full use of market resources, to play a brand. Especially in the process of brand positioning, to find a suitable brand of survival "point", is particularly important. Denglou law is a good brand positioning of the law! CASTLE Law Essentials in the process of brand marketing, enterprises according to their actual conditions, adopt a different brand marketing strategies, such as follow-up strategies, different strategies, diversification strategies and so on. So, how to find a core brand positioning of the law, quickly bear fruit? CASTLE Law essence of brand positioning is: any one product or brand, in the marketing process, not isolated, it has both their living space, while the existence and survival of competing brands. So, whether it is new products, or mature brand, are available in the market, find a maximum for all his mature concepts or resources, then we can on the basis of this resource to carry out or extend beyond (note live, not a simple follow-up), and then quickly make our brand based on the concept of mature quickly come to the fore, and achieved the victory of brand positioning. Such positioning methods, namely Denglou law, that is to borrow the best use of the "ladder" and quickly come to the fore to achieve the purpose. Use of "CASTLE" method are many examples of brand positioning. Pocket PC "GUIDEC" in the just released, the promotion is not smooth. Analysis of the prevailing market resources, to promote the greatest handheld is its positioning of the difficulties that the Pocket PC in the end is what? It gives consumers the best interests of that? This issue must be clear, otherwise it is difficult to give consumers a reason for spending. "What is the Pocket PC in the end," this issue has become a bottleneck in its rapid development. Thus, there GUIDEC put forward a "cell phone, pager, GUIDEC" one less position, skillfully GUIDEC and two mature resources - phones, pagers linked to the consumer all of a sudden GUIDEC to understand the brand position. GUIDEC phone and pager to borrow resources, these two mature ladder and achieved a successful brand positioning. The face of competitive juice market, in the face orange and more pressure on many brands of Master Kong, Yangshengtang introduced the "Nongfuguoyuan" juice drinks, and to "the three fruit juice" for the difference, both to "Shake shake "for the" thick "point, causing the consumer's attention, forming a" juice "in the market resources. People think that the Wahaha followed on the basis of the three fruits, introduced the "four kinds of fruit but also calcium," the high Gaiguo C, Nongfuguoyuan was thus Wahaha as a "ladder" CASTLE was by a ladder. Good use of two "ladder" CASTLE law point of view is: not white do not have ready-made ladder, with the use of non-white, do not eat do not eat white cake, eat not for nothing, the key you will not be used with , dare not use, can not eat ... eat ... the use of brand positioning CASTLE method is not difficult, the most crucial point is whether they can find available resources, and on this basis and extension overload. Meanwhile, in the use of sophisticated resources, available from the following two aspects, the victory made the brand positioning. Consumer borrowing well-known "ladder" of consumer education is always a troublesome thing, not only let you use up a lot of money, but also hides a huge risk. After all, allow them to receive a new thing, than to accept familiar things much more difficult. So, whether new products or old products, the process of brand positioning, consumers are most familiar with the best ladder stand above the point to illustrate the interest of the brand, so as to save time, effort, quickly bear fruit. Tingmei warm cards in the Division launched the core technology of thermal underwear is "fine denier polypropylene long", its greatest advantage is 21% warmer than similar products, but consumers, "long polypropylene fine denier" in the end What is not clear, is a very strange ladder, if imposed propaganda, very risky, the cost is very high. So Tingmei the "long fine denier polypropylene" defined as a "warm cards" once consumers understand, there are warm card warmer thermal underwear, all of a sudden elimination of the consumer's cognitive impairment. Competing brands made to borrow the ladder in the Chinese market better, not so much in the open market, not compete with competitors such as the talk about how the end consumer. So, clever use of competitive brands do a good job, has been known and accepted by consumers, the ladder, but also effective method. Under normal circumstances, we believe that the minds of consumers will have a concept inherent in the ruler, the ruler in a way so the consumer behavior. Some are conscious that the formation of scale is sometimes formed by the advertising concept of consumption. If you can be in the strengthening and extension of the ruler, not only to meet consumer psychology grass is always greener, but also allow consumers to accept new brands logical. Wahaha mentioned above for the introduction of four fruit Nongfuguoyuan high calcium also Gaiguo C, is the use of this approach. Of course, the Wahaha in the foundation, but also too little innovation, too straightforward, which allow consumers to accept it is a bit stiff. The celebrity handheld computer, smart and more. Mentioned earlier to catch the consumer GUIDEC cleverly familiar ladder, however, so that he can not think of that famous GUIDEC which the "cell phone, pager, GUIDEC One Less" has been known that the ladder to the consumer , the frying time after three or four years, he was a famous handheld "mobile phone changed, changed pager, handheld computer should be changed" to the cleverly borrowed dismantled. The celebrity Pocket PC, and thus quickly consumers are familiar with, and achieved good sales performance.

2013-02-15 02:04:47