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QC codes of practice and practical guidance manual

QC codes of practice and practical guidance manual

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:48

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QC Code of Practice 1 report seeking truth from facts, maintaining objectivity. 2. Uphold good ethics can not accept the benefits of manufacturers over 3.. On the work of the initiative seriously. Responsible, hard working. 4. Paul Friends of the hold-friendly good attitude towards manufacturers and colleagues. 5. discipline: a. curried, all actions obey; b lower levels on the up, escalation, communication channels correctly, open. 6. has team spirit, unity and cooperation between colleagues, mutual trust, mutual help and mutual learning. to share their information resources.? a quality control operation guidelines. received a work order: 1 .?????? inspection used to collect all the information (SIP), including: MPS PO , size, form, production batch version, color version, the test report (fabrics and clothing), accessories version (the main label, care label, listing, buttons, zippers, price tags, hangers, plastic bags, car lines, and customer approval OK The real version) and the last inspection report. a few missing data to inform the MR to pay back. 2 .?????? collect information on detailed studies, clearly its contents. 3 .?????? telephone inquiries factory production schedules, timely arrangements for the early / mid / end of the inspection. 4 .?????? to do preparatory work before shipment inspection: a. fill REPORT.SHIPPING MARK.SHIPMENT RELEASE good size table and photocopying. b . for different goods and factory inspection priorities and steps to develop the details. II. Interim test: 1 companies POLICY: a. The number of goods 1200PCS below, you can not only test the end of the interim arrangements for inspection, if the consignment is easy because manufacturers produce poor quality problems or who can arrange for a mid-term test. b. the goods from the 6000PCS 1201PCS to an interim inspection report must be. c. 6001PCS and above by the number of quantity of goods, there must be two interim reports . d. Interim inspection 10% of the factory must have a finished product available to measure the size (hot well. check good. not into plastic bags) e. All of the factory can not be scheduled to provide inspection, QC next to the factory to understand The exact time of the mid, require the manufacturer to separate inspection date, and inform the MR and the boss the first time.? 2. inspection priorities and steps: a.QC to the factory, the first factory to inspect it again to see the progress of the actual production plant. b. check with the manufacturer the actual hot good good number of large goods LOT SIZE guests, according to AQL standards of different extraction SAMPLE SIZE. c. According to the DESCRIPTION PO approved version and check whether the goods the wrong section. d. check the color version, according to The color and feel the goods. If the cargo is COTTON KNIT, you need to re-cloth the same time cabo pounds and recorded. e. printed version check, according to the goods embroidered embroidered / printed correctly. f. measure of size: fa?? AQL standards; WOVENS with AQL6.5, KNITS with AQL10.0. fb?? medium degree of scale and all dimensions must be gradual degrees together and meet the following two conditions: fb1.? Qi Qi Color Code: 4PCS per color per yard at least . fb2.? 3200PCS the following degrees 20PCS; 3201PCS-10000PCS degree 32PCS; 10000PCS more 50PCS. fb3.? measure of size, beyond the tolerance in size to the size of the table marked with "O" logo, will have to jump in the code Size the table to play "???? "logo. fb4?. inspection sweater, each volume complete a sweater, you must also note the pound on the size of the table. g. Check the manual: ga manual inspection found Defect arrow stickers to paste. clear that in order to record defects in the classification case. gb detected defects can be classified DCL, DCL if the defect is not listed in detail, according to the following principles can be classified and recorded in the last REPORT . gb1.??? CRITICAL defined: gb1.1?? non-industry can be perceived, consumers can not accept. gb1.2.? The problem occurs after use. gb1.3.? three small faults simultaneously In the same region. gb1.4.? poor production, the finished product will destroy the company's brand image. gb1.5 ..? upon request, all defects should be defined as CRITICAL DEFECT. h.?? MAJOR definition: ha? Consumer imperceptible, not too mind. hb after their issue will not by the use of deterioration. i. If possible, can be checked in advance, according to the factory PO SHIPPING MARK, packaging, distribution ratio, the net gross weight carton and outside the box length and breadth dimensions. j. REPORT will be written on the test results require confirmation and signed by the factory side, while immediately to his supervisor and informed MR. k. examination to understand the shortcomings of the factory method to correct (the best require the manufacturer to fix it immediately test). l. If found not to correct or rework defects will affect the quality of the product will have to immediately report to supervisor for timely processing. m. At the same time to pay attention to quality control staff, poor quality products all hazards factors, at any time report to the boss. n.DEFECT SAMPLE back to the company in time, by the supervisor to determine whether the defects can be corrected. If the fault is not corrected, will have to send off as soon as approved.? III. End of test. 1. Corporation POLICY. a . final inspection, all to be seized must be 100% finished packing. is insufficient, the quality inspector FINAL right not to be tested, but actual production quality inspector to the factory REPORT on the progress of the written signed by the factory. b. End of test such as failure, QC to the factory to understand the method to correct defects ('d better test), and promptly notify the supervisor and the MR. and taken back to the company DEFECT SAMPLE, delivery supervisors to determine. c. If the second end of the still unqualified, QC to promptly notify the MR, MR decision by the end of three.? 2. Check the focus and steps: a.QC to the factory again after the first visit factories to see whether the plant is still producing the goods. b. QC point me in person to the warehouse and pumping tank, to prevent the factory has "put empty array" or "make Diaobao terms" behavior, QC must be vigilant, drawn at random from the box when the middle or bottom pumping, and to remember under the bottom of the carton box number and then along its signature. c. number of boxes to be taken must meet the following two conditions: ca? square root of the total number of boxes. cb? AQL requirements SAMPLE SIZE divided by mounting a large carton the number of goods. d. Mark check box is correct, the goods using a few pit boxes, the net gross weight and carton size. e. check the goods distribution ratio of the color code number is correct. f. check the plastic bags, including: code number / composition / origin / origin / Washing Language / warnings are correct. North American goods are RN No, CA No. g. According to another batch of boards and check the big money-type PO. h. color version, according to the goods re-check the color / feel. If the goods you need for the COTTON KNIT Cappuccino pound weight at the same time and recorded. i. According to spend again, check the cargo version of embroidery / printing is correct. j. TEST REPORT and accessories, according to re-check the cargo version of the main mark , Water Mark, the price card, listing, button, zipper, tie bar, wire, hangers. k. measure of the goods, according to AQL size (only degrees MAIN POINT). ka? measure of size, beyond the tolerance in the size of the table size playing "O", jump in the size of the size code table to play "???". kb test sweaters, each measure of size is necessary to complete a pound note on the size of the table. l. According to AQL inspection standard hand, found the arrow labeled paper defect. m. According to the disadvantage of DCL classified and recorded in the REPORT on. n. check the factory's packing list to see if consistent with our data, such as found SHORT SHIP or more OVER SHIP 5%, must notify the MR and to approve before shipment. o. understanding of the rectification of the factory method, or DEFECT SAMPLE SHIPMENT SAMPLE taken promptly notify the MR and the supervisor. p. REPORT on the written test results require confirmation and signature confirmation plant . q.QC REPORT fax timely and superior head of MR. r. supervisors need to send off to determine whether the appropriate approval and contact manufacturers and MR. 3. faced a dispute with the factory approach; a. factory for quality controller of the test results do not agree, quality control inspector may declare to the factory: the problem and retain the disputed evidence, reported the company to determine (the evidence of all disputes, quality control staff to personally put their seal on the box, and in sealing tape at the bottom straddle provincial judge signature) and immediately report to supervisor. b. factory goods have opinions on the quality control, quality control staff to review their open-minded and promptly correct the error!?

2013-02-15 02:04:48