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Knowledge of English shipping

Knowledge of English shipping

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:48

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BAF (= FAF = BAC) BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FEE fuel surcharge FAF (= BAF = BAC) FUEL ADJUSTMENT FEE fuel surcharge BAC (= BAF = FAF) BUNKER ADJUSTMENT CHARGE fuel surcharges CAF CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT FEE devaluation surcharge CF COST + FREIGHT cost + shipping CIF COST + INSURANCE + FREIGHT cost + insurance + freight FOB FOB FREE ON BOARD CFS (= LCL) CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION and loaded LCL (= CFS) LESS CONTAINER LOAD assembled goods CY (= FCL) CONTAINER YARD FCL cargo FCL (= CY) FULL CONTAINER LOAD FCL cargo TABLE RELEASE call on SURRENDERED call on the D / O DELIVERY ORDER small bill of lading ETA ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL expected to arrive at ETD ESTIMATED TIME OF DEPARTURE expected sailing date, regardless of FAK FREIGHT ALL KIND ITEM billing IPI INTERIOR POINTS INTERMODAL consistent inland transport POA PLACE OF ACCEPTANCE of receipt of discharge POD PORT OF DISCHARGE TEU TWENTY FOOT EQUIVALENT UNITS 20 'container FEU FORTY FOOT EQUIVALENT UNITS 40' Container Container handling fees THC TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGE T / C (= W / C) TERMINAL CHARGE warehouse rental W / C (= T / C) WAREHOUSE CHARGE warehouse rental NVOCC NON-VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER non-vessel operating common transport CUT OFF CLOSING DATE / CUT OFF DATE clearance at O / B ON BOARD DATE DDC DESTINATION DELIVERY CHARGE on board at destination the transportation charges PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST PSW PACIFIC SOUTHWEST northwestern coast of the United States line the southwest coast of the United States Line W / C WEST COAST West Coast America Line E / C EAST COAST line of the east coast of the United States MLB MINI-LAND BRIDGE Mini Land Bridge Transport A / W ALL WATER full of sea transport B / L BILL OF LOADING bill of lading S / O SHIPPING ORDER Order CLP CONTAINER LOAD PLAN accommodation details PP FREIGHT PREPAID shipping container in Taiwan to pay CC FREIGHT COLLECT shipping abroad to pay D / A DOCUMENTS DELIVER AGAINST ACCEPTANCE against acceptance D / P DOCUMENTS DELIVER AGAINST PAYMENT payment by T / T TELEX TRANSFER wire FMC FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION U.S. Federal Maritime Commission FIATA FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL DES ASSOCIATIONS DE TRANSITAIRESET ASSIMILES international freight forwarder Union GRI GENERAL RATE INCREASE General freight transfer High I / A INDEPENDENT ACTION single price adjustment NOR NON-OPERATING-REEFER CONTAINER freezer cabinets MAF MFS ADJUSTMENT FACTOR alternative most favored customer terms UIFA US $ IMPACT FREIGHT ADJUSTMENT dollar surcharge changes in W / M WEIGHT OR MEASUREMENT charges by weight or size of CBM CUBIC METRE cubic BT BERTH TERM Terminal settlement terms CSE / CRT CASE / CRATE wooden box / wooden box FIO FREE IN OUT sparse owner bilge settlement terms FILO FREE IN LINER OUT is not responsible for the owner is only responsible for unloading equipment FLT FULL LINER TERM Terms of GW GROSS WEIGHT liner CW CHANGEABLE WEIGHT gross weight fees VOL WT VOLUME WEIGHT volumetric weight ICD INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT inland container depot LIFO LINER IN FREE OUT is not responsible for the owner is only responsible for loading unloading M / S MOTOR SHIP engine ship M / V MOTOR VESSEL ship ORC ORIGIN RECEIVING CHARGE internal combustion engine of Guangdong Province first process receiving fees PI CLUB PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY CLUB Shipowners Protection and Indemnity Association PKG PACKAGE pieces PLT PALLET tray R / T REVENUE TON shipping tons of cargo is said STC SAID TO CONTAIN built TBA TO BE ADVISED notice later TBN TO BE NOMINATED later specified terms LIO LINER IN OUT VOL WT VOLUME WEIGHT liner volume neutral body weight NEUTRAL BODY extension disabled DEMURRAGE Delay Payment of compensation DETENTION STORAGE custodial fees, rent STUFFING stack Loading DEVANNING devanning SHUT OUT back STRAIGHT LOAD off a single name OAC OUTPORT ADD-ON CHARGE Outer surcharge PCC PANAMA CHNAL CHARGE Panama Canal fees PSS PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE peak season surcharge EX-WORKS factory price EX-FACTORY FOR FREE ON RAIL factory price factory price??

2013-02-15 02:04:48