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Knowledge of export documentation process

Knowledge of export documentation process

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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1. Customer Inquiry: General Purchase Order in the client before the next set will have the relevant Order Inquiry to the business, doing some of the details of the understanding. 2. Quote: business guests respond promptly to inquiries, to determine the goods name, type, quantity, delivery, payment, packaging specifications, ports (air airport) and the container type, etc, etc, and clients to identify business, Proforma Invoice or sales contract or offer sheet to the customer make a formal offer. 3. Get the order: After their talks, the official receipt of customer orders Purchase Order or sales contract. 4. Production under a single: the order is confirmed by the guests, to the factory orders (the plant for production plan) and arrange production plan. 5. Business approval: Business After receipt of the order, first to make the business review table. Click "Export Contract Checklist", the fill, as far as possible all estimated costs were identified. Guests need to be submitted for approval the contract fax orders, purchase contracts with the factories. Review form to be signed by the clerk, department manager for approval, and make the Department of Management staff review before implementation. If significant, or terms of advances and commissions, to be approved by the General Manager Caixing. Made after the approval of contracts a single task, to the department Merchandiser follow-up. 6. Production Notification issued: in determining the delivery business, the meeting produced the following circumstances may be issued with notices on time factory production: 6.1: If the L / C payments to customers, usually 1 month before delivery confirmation L / C has been received, receipt of L / C, respectively, after the review to be clerk and Dan Zhengyuan letters of credit, checking for errors, can protect the delivery, and other possible problems, any questions should be modified immediately invited guests L / C. 6.2: If T / T payment to customers, make sure the deposit has been credited into account. 6.3: If the forward L / C, D / A and other customers in terms of foreign exchange collection means (not recommended for use in this way), to be confirmed by the General Manager for approval. 7. Examination: 7.1: In the week before delivery, inspection inspector to notify the company (department Merchandiser follow-up). 7.2: If customers want to own or designated inspection personnel to inspection, and to delivery a week ago, some customers to check the date of the goods and inform the Ministry of Foreign Trade to conduct the check. 7.3: If the guest specified by a third party inspection and other inspection companies or surveyor, and to the delivery company to contact two weeks ago with the inspection, inspection appointment time to ensure delivery before the arranged time. Will notify the factory inspection to determine the time. 8. Basic document preparation system for documents: the formal receipt of customer orders, export contract should be made, export commercial invoice, packing list, export of goods consignment note, the verification form, declaration, customs power of attorney, power of attorney for inspection ( factory staff also need to be prepared in foreign trade: commodity inspection replacement vouchers, carton single test) and other documents. (produced by Dan Zhengyuan, Merchandiser follow-up to the business). 9. Inspection: If the national statutory inspection products to the factory in order to explain when the inspection requirements and provide export contracts, invoices, packing lists and other inspection required information. And to tell the factory export ports, to facilitate the factory for inspection. Should be received a week before shipment inspection replacement voucher / article. 10. Charter provides warehouse: 10.1. If the contract is signed with the customers FOB CHINA terms, guests will usually specify the transport agent or shipping company. As soon as possible contact with the freight forwarding, shipping this intention will be to arrange for the export of understanding of ports, shipping schedules, etc., confirm whether the factory delivery schedules open at least a week earlier than before, and sailing can meet the delivery request period. Should be 7 days before delivery to the shipping company issued a written notice given positions, usually 5 days before the sail can get into the warehouse receipt. 10.2. If the seller to pay the freight, as soon as possible to the shipping company or shipping company consulting schedules, tariffs, sailing ports and so on. By comparison, select the price, good reputation, to Hong Kong on time, the shipping companies sailing time is right, and notify the clerk told the guests. If guests do not consent to elect guests recognized shipping companies. Fixed positions in writing one week before sailing, the program above. 10.3. If the goods are not a small cabinet, must take the bulk, to the freight forwarding company fixed bulk positions. Get into the warehouse receipt, they must also understand the cut off time, warehousing, customs requirements, and so on. 10.4. Fixed positions to the transport company, be sure to fax a written export goods consignment note, indicate the timetable set, container type and quantity, destination, etc., in order to avoid errors. 11. Haulage arrangements: (Do remember to check the containers before loading and cabinet have worn, broken, broken parts) 1.1. After the adoption of good and inspection of goods, towing companies commissioned to mention counter, loading. Towing companies should choose the security can be * reasonably priced long-term cooperation signed an agreement to ensure the safety and punctuality. Give the towing company fax the following information: confirmation of fixed positions / drawings container loading, shipping companies, will position number, haulage power of attorney, specifying container loading time, container type and quantity, loading address, brokers, and shipping ports and so on. Monitoring inspection company if the container and declared to be special, not late. And requested information on the return of a container and set out container number, license plate number, drivers and telephone number. 11.2. Fax a copy of loading data to the factory, OTC specified time, container type, the warehouse number, order number, license plate number and driver contact phone number. 11.3. Asked to leave the factory plant in the container as soon as fax a notice to the business of loading, the container left the factory out of time, the actual quantity loaded, and note the packing number and the seal number as the bill of lading information. After that the factory loading and locking the closure to remember. 12. Delegate declaration: in the trailer before the counter declaration to declaration to the necessary information to co-commissioned to do the export declaration and clearance for a single inspection. Usually allow two days to give the declaration (before the ship cut off). Delegate declaration should provide a container loading information, including the load, and the number of ports, shipping companies, will position number, container number, boat cut off time, towing companies, container type and quantity, the company's contact and phone address. 13. Access to transport documents: 13.1. No later than two days after sailing, to supplement the content of the bill of lading (if you need to modify it) fax to the shipping company or freight forwarders. Additions to the bill of lading in accordance with L / C or the request of the guests do, and give the correct quantity of goods, as well as some special requirements, including requiring shipping companies to ship or bill of lading along with proof. 13.2. A bill of lading as soon as possible to urge the shipping companies and freight billing model. Carefully check the sample is correct, the bill of lading to the shipping company confirmed in writing the content. If the bill of lading to be confirmed guests, first fax the bill of lading templates for customers, shipping companies then requested confirmation from the original. 13.3. Timely payment of transport fees, payment, notify the shipping company to obtain a bill of lading and other shipping documents in a timely manner. Registration should be done to pay the freight. 13.4. If the customer is doing FOB terms, the insurance should promptly notify the customer, and faxed him a copy of the bill of lading. 14. 14.1 Other documents prepared. Commercial Invoice: L / C requested documents, the most demanding commercial invoice. To determine the date of the invoice issuing date, the date of delivery before. Described in the invoice of the goods with the L / C on the same, the amount should be lower case and upper case is correct. L / C terms on the invoice should be displayed to show marks. If an invoice must apply for the other embassy certification, generally for 20 days in advance. 14.2. FORM A certificate of origin: FORM A certificate of origin prior to shipment to the local commodity inspection bureau bid. Delivery date must be noted that in L / C before the date of delivery and set sail, after the date of the invoice. Not handled prior to shipment to go through after a certificate must provide declarations, bills of lading and other documents. Transshipment of goods through Hong Kong, FORM A certificate is usually to go to Hong Kong, China Commodity Inspection Corporation for endorsement to prove that the goods are not in Hong Kong for re-processing. 14.3. General Certificate of Origin: General Certificate of Origin for Trade Promotion in China, requiring lower. In the delivery time not too long after the replacement. If the certificate of origin to apply for endorsement of the embassy, but also and invoices for the same 20 days in advance. 14.4. Shipment Notice: generally required within a few days after sailing, the details of delivery to inform the guests, including the vessel name, flight times, sailing date, expected arrival date, and quantity of goods, amount, number of packages, marks, agents such as the port of destination. Sometimes L / C required to send proof, such as fax report, sent a letter to enterprises outside the province and so on, pay attention to the time required by the guests for. 14.5. Packing List: Packing list should clearly indicate that the goods packing situation. To display the number of contents per box, each box of the gross weight, net weight, Meas. Carton size calculated by the total volume of the total volume to be consistent with the marked. To show marks and case number in order to facilitate the guests to find. Packing List of weight, volume consistent with the bill of lading. 15. AC Single: 15.1. By L / C exchange earnings, should be required to pay one time, get ready all the documents, and strict examination of documents, to ensure no errors, only to pay the bank for negotiation. 15.2. With 30% deposit, T / T exchange earnings, immediately after obtaining the bill of lading bill of lading fax pay 70% of the balance to the guests, after acknowledgment of receipt of the balance of the original bill of lading and other documents will be sent to guests. 15.3. If 100% T / T exchange earnings, requirements to receive the full amount paid for goods made to wait for payment arrangements after the production. Get sent immediately after the original bill of lading bill of lading to the guests. 16. Business Registration: Every single export business done in a timely manner after completion of registration, including registration and a written register computer for later query, statistics and so on. 17. File Archive: All foreign documents, L / C and the validity of a set of documents must be retained for future reference purposes. 18. Dan Zhengyuan usual collection of sea and air transportation should be noted that price, schedules, routes, and other information, for the salesman's offer to help.

2013-02-15 02:04:49