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Guangzhou, a factory shop to see management system

Guangzhou, a factory shop to see management system

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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Interim Provisions of safe and civilized production: In order to develop businesses, improve product quality, a serious factory regulations distinguish between different civilizations enhance the awareness of staff to ensure the safe and civilized production, especially production of safe and civilized defined as follows: 1. Late or leave early once a fine of 2 yuan. 2. Arbitrary string of jobs working hours 2 million fine. 3. Work is not allowed to wear slippers, shorts (underwear), red hat is not the whole back or pain of a fine of 2 million each. 4. In the workshop and the squad leader, workshop director bickering, mutual abuse, noisy by a fine of 10 yuan, to write checks. Bad attitude or a total of three times within a month were to be fired. 5. Drink and go to work and influence workers in trouble, owned a fine of 20 yuan each, to write checks. Bad attitude or be fired twice a month total. 6. Production building (besides offices) Smoking is prohibited, and offenders a fine of 10 yuan each. Those who cause harm, pursue their economic, administrative and criminal liability. 7. Is strictly prohibited with pockets into the workshop, the class of forbidden private living, each offender a fine of 10 yuan. Confiscation of clothing. 8. Steal public property or property of others who, at 10 times the real value of fines, withholding of wages, be dismissed. 9. Able to fulfill the task of the date of the production team or process can not work until completion. Night shift at overtime costs were not charged, were each able to fulfill the task of walking a fine strong 5 yuan. 10. Forbidden outsiders to enter the workshop with children and the pain of a fine of 5 yuan to the parties. 11. The production of not talking to tell jokes, read books and newspapers, are not allowed parlor, phone calls, eating snacks, sleeping, not allowed to leave the production jobs, not on the product sitting, lying, step, step, and offenders a fine of 2 per dollars. 12. Work must wear and use labor protection supplies, work wear plate, break the law a fine of 5 yuan each time, alter, a fine of 2 million lost working number. 13. Forbidden to sit across or * any mechanical parts, non-random removal, moving equipment, dismantling of all electrical installations without permission is strictly prohibited and transformer, control box, switch box, the newly installed devices are not tested, trial transfer, not allowed to start . Offenders, a fine of 10 yuan each. 14. Prohibit the unauthorized use of various types of fire equipment, or other items stacked near the fire-fighting facilities, the offender a fine of 10 yuan each time. 15. Shall not be free to use the temporary wire production area, and if needed use, subject to supervisor approval, and the electrical power received by press time after time limit removed. Offenders are fined 10 yuan each. 16. The shop is responsible for plant health by cleaning, equipment, and semi-finished products to be placed neatly Zhuodeng. Cleaning is not clean, a fine of 20 yuan each on the workshop on cleaning a fine of 5 million. 17. To operate the machine and make sure people want to leave off, use the iron to do the "three insulated" and stop in time when used to cut off the power, and offenders fined 2 million each. 18. Noon, afternoon and night shift work are responsible for the workshop responsible for the shut doors and windows, door locks letter shop, shut off the main power supply. Offenders are fined each director of the workshop 50.

2013-02-15 02:04:49