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The amount of body points

The amount of body points

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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Tailoring is the basis of clothing production, and "tailor" is tailoring a basic requirement. Any fashion style, the volume of the body, cutting the quality difference will have a completely different effect. Thus, for the production of all learning tailoring people, whether mastered the basic knowledge of tailor-made, which can make high quality, fit and beautiful clothes, it is essential. Volume of the body before the first of the major parts of the body must be carefully observed. Volume of the body, should note the following: 1. Require that the amount of those standing upright, natural position, do not take a deep breath. 2. The amount of cross-degrees around, should pay attention not to pull tape is too loose or too tight, to maintain standards. 3. The amount of chest circumference, the amount of those arms were perpendicular; amount of waist circumference to relax when the belt. 4. To do summer clothing in winter or summer, do winter clothing, in the amount of body should be based on customer requirements, reduce or enlarge the appropriate size. 5. The amount of time to observe the physical characteristics of a good size, have a special position to indicate to prepare cutting reference. 6. Different size have different requirements, size of body fat were not too fat or too thin, the body size of lean off to the appropriate number. 7. The amount of body according to the order to avoid leakage volume.

2013-02-15 02:04:49