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Knitting wool quality control guidelines manual

Knitting wool quality control guidelines manual

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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Knitting wool quality control guidelines for a practical operation. Batch version of the production 1. Development Department to the sales department a notice of the grant version of the production, development director invited by the director and QE QA approved version of the trial to participate. 2.. QE According different products with different production processes to design artwork, and in the flow chart to map out all the key quality control points, recorded in the approved version of the production notice. 3. QE design different products according to different testing methods and standards and record the notice in the approved version of the production. 4. QE Each shirt must also be prone to problems and issues to the attention of production recorded in the approved version of the production notice. 5. QA Meeting with the business department and the competent Guests of goods quality standards were achieved consensus, signed by the QA charge recorded in the approved version of the production notice. II. the production of a single production. Salespersons Sales guests, according to the latest information and QA director approved version of the production notice signed preparation of production alone. 2. manufacturing orders include: the preparation of the date of the system, customer name, section number, product description, icon, delivery, quantity, color, code number, size, form, marks, production technology, packaging and quality control point of the flow chart, testing methods and standards, easy problems and workshop to note the color version and accessories Edition (material card). 3. create one after verification by the QA director to sign the archive and the next distributed to all department heads the production department. three. PP version of the production of 1. According to manufacturing orders, production department head of various departments QE invited to participate in the production process of PP version 2.. trial process, the easy to problems, heads of departments should be promptly identified and recorded in a single system, simultaneously with the QE consultation to seek ways to improve and to make records. 3. QE collection problems occurred during trial and coping methods, submitted to the competent recognized QA, QA director to sign MEMO archive and will be distributed to the production department heads and QA. IV. officially put into operation a large cargo each officially put into operation before the goods, all departments under the jurisdiction of the competent person should first recruiting meeting, explain things to note. 2 IQC implementation incoming inspection procedures: a. are knitting yarn per cylinder on the color difference between measured level and thick cylinder hair / yarn b. degree of other materials, as the case may conduct the inspection or sampling (sampling with AQL standards). c. firmly reject any unqualified products 3. Every worker has the responsibility to produce their own products out of the first self-test: a. whether the wrong section. b. whether the wrong material. C. appearance of the product quality. d. products solid structure level. 4. the production department heads have the responsibility under the jurisdiction of the workers produced their first product inspection, to identify problems, and workers do the technical guidance. 5. IPQC implementation process inspection procedures, identification / isolation of waste defective, back on the process, and recorded. a. check Piece: a.1. woven piece of code / weave / color and wool combination is consistent with the approved version. a.2. one-piece woven film length, weight's compliance with the requirements. a.3. rib length, whether the number of stitches single system requirements. a.4. shirt pieces quality: without a single hair / flower hair / drain pin / blast hole / Black Edge / grease / knot / straight needle Road, transverse thick hair, shirt pieces about different lengths. b. Charles sewing: b.1. sew the original body hair is gross. b.2. whether the change between the color at seam the same color hair. b.3. before and after the piece has a seamless error code. b.4. whether the body under the bar with the cylinder with the shirt. b.5. In addition to pockets, the various parts of the stitch can stretch to 130% strength. b.6. stitch quality: a seamless eye, Li wrong rampant bad side, suture irregular (long-short time), suture from the ears, suture posts teeth, jumper, not a straight line straight from the snake bit of bone, wrinkled shirt pieces along the seam on the bit sub. c. check sewn: c.1. line with shirt color is the body color. c.2. needle system number density is consistent with a single request. c.3. car line is solid. c.4. sewn quality: whether the jumper / broken / down pit / greasy / bad split line and the line is not straight / round bit from the corner. d. Charles stitching: d .1. stitches are clean. d.2. Revised mouth with or without scattered population. d.3. sleeved shirt Tsui mouth and whether the pin is too loose or too tight. d.4. light-colored shirt without clear Soke (Prevention of Water decolorization). e. according to light: a seamless pin / hole / single hair / flower pin / jumper / tie loose mouth. 6. check washing test: a. feel as soft. b. degree of sweaters and colorful. c. sweater raising levels (to avoid excessive fluff / felting and can not remedy). d. whether the sticky. e. whether the odor 7. check test burn: a. shirt type formation / stiff / straight / symmetric / feel moderate. b. sweater size after full retraction of whether the cooling requirements. c. ironing quality: whether from the mirror / a snake / gas mark / twisted bone / hot yellow, wrinkled and drain hot. 8. FQC degree of implementation of product testing procedures a. b. scale preliminary investigation / review: whether the clothes make the wrong hair, make clothes or without split mouth bad, there is no help to the wrong pattern, shirt body without stain / grease / thread / feather / Line Port / Soke / blasting holes and other. c. Last check: c.1. jersey type is correct / symmetric / flat service. c.2. have a wireless head / dirt / make clothes bad. 9. QA procedures for the implementation of quality control testing: on the map in the production process quality control of each point, the use of AQL standards, the sampling of large cargo and record keeping, failure to return the goods to be unconditionally rework process. five. after-sales service: 1 . According to customer complaints, QA QA and QE competent organizations investigating the causes of quality problems, to improve methods for handling and record keeping. 2. According to the quality of the data provided by statisticians, QA director to develop new quality control program, and constantly improve sound quality control system, to avoid repetition of the same quality of .3. QA timely manner to promote full charge of quality control training programs to improve the quality of literacy of all staff.

2013-02-15 02:04:49