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Color science term series

Color science term series

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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First, the color part of the hue (Hue) chroma (saturation chroma) saturation value (lightness) lightness hue circle (color wheel) pure color (solid) complementary color (complementary colors) advancing color (forward color) receding color (back color) expansive color (expansion of color) contractive color (contraction color) warm color (warm) cool color (cold colors) color contrast (contrasting colors) simultaneous contrast (simultaneous contrast) after image (complementary color afterimage) chromatic color (with color) achromatic color (no color) transparent color (transparent color) surface color (surface color) light source color (light color) object color (body color) additive mixture (mixture of Disciplines) subtractive mixture (subtraction mixed) color system (Table color) color mixing system (mixing line) color appearance system (color line) value scale (brightness stage) color tone (color) tone harmony (tonal harmony) Second, the design part harmony (harmony) harmony of identity (unified harmonic) harmony of similarity (similar to reconcile) harmony of contrast (contrast harmonic) proportion (percentage) golden section (golden) balance (equilibrium; balance) formal balance (symmetric equilibrium) informal balance (asymmetric equilibrium) dynamic balance (kinetic energy balance) unbalance (imbalance) repetition (repeated) gradtion (gradient) simplification (simplified) dominance (unified) relation (related) emphasis (stress intensity flu) centrality (concentration) separation (separation) asym metry (unbalanced) unity (unity) variety (change) order (the order ) accessory (Clothing) movement (movement sense) Hue code red code red, yellow, red R YR GY Huang Y yellow G green BG Green B Green PB purple bruising P purpurin RP work, we often see in the sample and large customers reviews such as the color of fabric goods: We have received the new sample of the British Colonial Coordinate texture. This needs to be corrected to match closer to the original production standard. 1. Overall the new submit looks too bright and yellow / green. The original production looked darker and more blue / green. 2. The yellow yarn is too bright and too light and too yellow. It should be darker and redder to match the standard. 3. The green chenille yarn should be slightly darker and slightly bluer. Please correct colors and provide new submit as soon as possible. Fourth, the tone of that Chinese name abbreviation English name short the P Pale clear gray flavor Lg Light gralish ash taste G Grayish dark gray flavor Dg Dark grayish light of the L Light turbid D Dull dark Dk Dark Bright B Bright strong S Strong bright deep Dp Deep V Vivid

2013-02-15 02:04:49