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How to identify a variety of leather

How to identify a variety of leather

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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For leather, it is observed that the pores of the leather. Imitation leather and the floor is mainly pores can be observed from the leather section identification. Sheep leather, semi-circular arc surface in two to four pores on the top, surrounded by a large number of fine hair and holes. Mian thin leather panels, soft, pores small, circular Chengbian, form a group by a few pores arranged hair eyes far apart. As the leather surface smooth, leather surface is rough, soft, poor, generally have been use after shave. Cattle leather pores small, round, evenly distributed and closely inside the pores than the straight stretch, leather fullness, light high, soft leather board, spinning fine, solid, feel solid and flexible. The uneven surface of water buffalo leather, leather, some surface roughness, coarse pores than cattle rare, generally do not do it to do leather and soles. Horse leather, oval-shaped pores, large holes than cow leather, leather oblique vein was within the shape, leather soft and loose surfaces, bright dark color as cow leather. Letter from the exterior to feel leather like leather, but no pores, bottom non-animal skin, is the use of synthetic knitted fabrics processed.

2013-02-15 02:04:49