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Printing Knowledge 2

Printing Knowledge 2

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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Printing knowledge? Steaming (aging) Automatic screen printing (automatic???? Screen???? Printing) Montreal printing (blotch???? Print) Burnt-out printing (burn-out?? Prints) Fu Hung ( curing) direct printing (direct???? prints) discharge printing (discharge???? prints) dry printing (dry???? prints) double-sided printing (duplex???? prints) static charge (electrostatic? ? charge) electrostatic flocking (electrostatic?? flocking) according to special requirements of printing (engineered?? print) trapping?? (fall???? on) plate (flatbed) flocking (flock?? printing) flocking (flocking ) or intermediate half-tone colors (halftone) hand-screen printing (hand???? screen?? printing) thermal transfer printing (heat - transfer???? printing) ink jet printing (jet?? printing) mechanical flocking ( mechanical???? flocking) Cover Printing (over???? print) printing paste (print???? paste) printed on the flower accurate / on flowers are not allowed (print?? register / off?? register) to the flowers (registration) resist printing (resist???? printing) roller printing (roller???? printing) round screen printing or rotary screen printing (rotary???? screen???? printing) screen printing ( screen???? printing) Proofing (strike?? off) heat transfer printing (thermal???? transfer?? printing) warp printing (warp???? prints) wet cover dry printing (wet-On-dry) wet Cover the wet printing (wet-On-wet) wet printing (wet???? prints)?

2013-02-15 02:04:49