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Translation of shipment

Translation of shipment

Posted on 2013-02-15 02:04:49

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I hope youll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment. I hope you'll be satisfied with this. Please exercise better care with future shipments. On future shipments, please pay more attention. Can last shipment be duplicated? Last longer to sell a number of shipments it? Well send vessels to pick up the cargo at Huangpu. We'll send ships to pick up the shipment. We can get preferential duty rates when we ship to the USA we can ship to the United States to obtain preferential rates. Can our order of 100 cars be shipped as soon as possible? Our order of 100 cars shipped as soon as it? The order No. 105 is so urgently required thatwe have to ask you to speed up shipment. 105 orders for the goods we have to urgently ask you to speed up shipment. Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly? You can not advance the shipment? If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the goods much earlier. If the shipment in Hong Kong, we can receive the goods much earlier. Could you do something to advance your shipment? You can do something to advance? Im sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being. I'm sorry we can not tell you the exact date of shipment. After shipment, it will be altogether four to five weeks before the goods can reach our retailers. From receipt of the goods delivered to the retailers total of 4-5 weeks. We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of April. Please be assured that we delivery no later than the first half of April. Wed better have a brief talk about the loading port. We'd better have a brief talk about the port of shipment. We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports. We always want to use larger ports as the port of shipment. Shall we have a talk on the port of discharge this afternoon? We talk about today is not the port of discharge? He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr. Smith. He and Mr Smith on the choice of an exchange of views on the unloading port. Sometimes, we have to make a transshipment because there is no suitable loading port in the producing country. Sometimes because no suitable loading producing country, we have to turn the ship. In case of transhipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges. Transhipment, we have to pay shipping. Partial shipment is allowed. Allowing partial shipment. We must have the goods here in September for reshipment. Cargoes to be arriving here in September for re-export. to make delivery of the goods delivery to take delivery of the goods delivery transshipment (TS) transfer to tranship (transship) transit transport transhipment prohibited transhipment permited to allow transit shipment not allowed to transit transport, transit, transhipment on route transhipment transhipment to be allowed transhipment partial shipment partial shipment

2013-02-15 02:04:49