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what is the safest way to pay a manufactor

I want to pay a manufactor and I want to make sure that I receive the goods before my money is gone. What is the best and most secure way to pay a manufactor?

Posted on 2013-06-19 00:30:25

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I would say there is no the best way to do that , But this can avoid . The manufactuer want the whole money before the products deliver. And the buyer would like to recieve the goods before they paid the money . the important is that how do yo negotiate between you and the supplier . The lubricant is trust . is the integrity . there is a saying " Ask not what the integrity people can do for you , But Ask yourself what the integrity you can do for them " In order to make this safely , you can find a forwarder or your friend to supervise the supplier . Wish you the best of business .

2013-06-19 00:30:25

Normally as a manufacturer, he is afraid that he can not take money back. But you can ask the manufactor for B/L copy to see if he has shipped or not. Then you can try to pay. In China, the B/L must be insuued by the Boat, if you will have that copy, it means your goods are waiting for ship. And you also may use a freight collect to pay the shipping coat when you pick up the goods. I am a manufacturer in China and that is the way we always deal with our customers. Anyway I hope it works.

2013-06-19 00:30:25

We are garment manufacture from India.We accept 50% advance after that we send production sample to show them product quality and 50% at the time of dispatch.

2013-06-19 00:30:25

Thanks for your asking the qsn. The best way is send the money by T/T i mean Bank Transfer. But you should received a purchese contract from them and give all details to bank. Bank will take all risk your money. And it is 100% safty. But never ever send money to personal name with use western union money transfer or like this service. Must be send money on company name.

2013-06-19 00:30:25