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Banque Rothchild Clothing Designers and Manufcturers needed

I want someone to make new designs taking ideas from our design concepts. Kinda similar but not the same. To test your teams abilities just design one hooded zip up jacket with crown pendant, with detachable hoodie and zipper pockets. Can u make chain drawstrings with crown pendants? I want a royal look, embellished with rhinestones/sparkles. On the back, centered in the hoodie you can have the design there embellishes with sparkles/rhinestones. I want the hoodie to be covered in designs with sparkles/rhinestones with Rothschild seal designs like the feathers,krowns,beast, etc. Its got to be embellished all over. In the design it must say "Banque Rothschild" Its got to look really expensive so, i was thinking the material should be made out of silk/satin. We will compete against to brands like ed hardy,coogi,prada,etc. If you can make pants,shirts and other products tell me, for the future

Posted on 2014-06-04 15:30:11