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Beyond creating demand for the next ---- "APOLLO-16, APOLLO-18" green enzyme

Would like for the company in the oilfield chemical market opportunities and access to new features to make your highly recommended company based on cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendly bio-enzyme "APOLLO-16, APOLLO-18" oil deal with increasing technology. The new field of enzyme technology, is a set of enzyme-based development platform flourishing global unique solution, which is based on biological polymers and the decomposition of crude oil a unique ability to restore high-yield oil wells as possible, repair Yalie injury, to resolve well crude oil deposits, biological polymers injury, leading to decreased permeability, active oil production increased by 40% or more, is a special low-permeability oil fields and related wells difficult to use, effective means of increasing oil. APOLLO-G16, G18-based prominent features include: its purification based on enzyme substrate processing grease deposits in addition to precision, but also effectively solve the fracturing and completion fluid damage in guar gum residue class. Together with the oil and destroying the biological polymer chain structure of the solid film broken into small droplets, the polymer cement structural damage, while producing outstanding surface tension decreased, the role of eliminating water block damage, bacterial damage, to clear the rock hole, increase water flow, the lifting of the oil reservoir plug fouling, water and polymer blocking, enhanced oil recovery. Adaptable, quick. Easy construction, not to harm ground, do not pollute the environment, non-toxic, fully biodegradable, safe to use. Completely biodegradable environmentally friendly, rapid activation of wells, producing wonderful effects of increasing oil and immediately experience the biological environment of a global innovation and technology subjects by oil. Supporting the complete technical training and support, project operation feasible, simple, high profit, rapid, risk-free. Unique new market space, the difference of the market operators. Spirit of oil and sincere cooperation, please call: (0546) 77828687782891 visit fill in your requests for cooperation or consultation with the relevant issues.

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:36