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Bid to strengthen practical operation Seminar

Course bidding | bidding House | Tender Training | Tips: 1, if there are any changes, without notice, please call confirmation; 2, in order to ensure the quality of training 50 trainers qualified. 3, the following course is also suitable for Corporate Training 4, want to go to Hong Kong and Macao business if participants in advance for a good way permit (voluntarily), can assist in arrangements. Target audience: government related departments at all levels of bidding managers, general manager, purchasing director, sales director, finance director, project managers, department managers and related personnel bidding. Training objectives: to master the process of bidding and strategy master the practical skills to master the bidding management problems and confusion of the bidding proposed standard techniques to improve procurement, cost center into a profit center Duration: Monthly time to time hold, attention please contact: Miss Zhang Tel: 010-86718486010-58688203 Outline some of the courses: (a) the policy of the bidding practices (b) the establishment of national qualification systems bidding practitioners in the relevant circumstances (c) of the bidding companies must pay attention to the problems of work (d) bidding and evaluation work Organization and Management (v) preparation of bidding and tender documents (f) domestic and foreign goods, projects and tendering procedures, methods, case studies, (vii) domestic and foreign goods tender response projects and methods, successful techniques, case studies (eight) How in the bidding process for effective monitoring and audit (i) bidding in contract management and benefit analysis (X) FIDIC (FIDIC) Conditions of Contract characteristics and prospects; (XI) Enterprise Project Budget and Purchasing Tender preparation and evaluation Biaoshu, calibration; (xii) the exchange, seminars, tutorials, training, bidding bidding bidding course to learn bidding

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:36