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Bio-diesel technology [original]

Use of bio-diesel technology of the process used cooking oil, animal and plant acid oil, crude oil, produced by the esterification of free fatty acid methyl ester distillation, and then you can filter by decolorization, the operation process is simple, convenient operation, high yield, low energy consumption and greatly reduce the equipment investment and construction period, no special equipment, devices can be made. The cost of production to be about 600 yuan per ton (artificial water material fee) 10 million investment in equipment, Nissan 10-15 tons, site 200-500m sup2;. Technical service fee of 30,000 yuan. Process: raw materials: waste oil, animal oil, crude oil, the pretreatment (degumming, removal of impurities) - Ester - washing - bleaching - Miscellaneous separation filter off refined - refined oil (fat emulsion oil diesel technology copolymerization with easy to purchase raw materials around as auxiliaries and additives is lower than the cost of diesel by 30%. diesel fuel additive 70% + 15% + water 15% mixture. no special equipment, from the original diesel oil with the same color the same performance. a year oil and water do not hierarchical, can be used alone or mixed use. and absolutely immiscible, 800-1200 million tons of cost reduction, market prospects, the project is to be bigger and stronger. If units or individuals are Beyond the technology company, the company 100,000 yuan reward. Xingbang Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. led Division Mobile: 13031134702 Address: Camp Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zhongtian Building, 1006 on the 5th Zip: 100101 Tel :010 -51313061 Fax: 010-51313062 QQ: 422150442 429224952 Website: mail: Mobile: 13031134702 methyl or biodiesel.) oil bleaching: (tire bleaching oil, rubber oil bleaching, waste oil refined oil bleaching, bleaching of small oil refinery, oil line, second-line oil bleaching, plastic oil bleaching, oil bleaching, bleaching, and a variety of black-odor to the smell of diesel) If units or individuals to provide the technology to be beyond my company, the company rewards 10 million. Beijing Link Technology Co., Ltd. Branch Xingbang Address: Camp Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zhongtian Building, 1006 on the 5th Tel :010 -51313061 Fax :010-51313062QQ: 429224952 422150442 Website: Mobile: 13031134702

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37