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Black plastic bags less life

People in their daily lives, often dealing with plastic bags, whatever used to hold clothing, packaged food, loaded garbage ... ... but we must not be ignored, some are toxic plastic bags, if used to hold food, to become a big health enemy. Market, plastic bags used to hold food made from polyethylene, is non-toxic, and made from PVC plastic is toxic and can not be used to hold food. Whether the toxicity identification method of plastic bags: water detection: the plastic bag into the water, can be non-toxic surface; and toxic not float. Hand touch the color detection: non-toxic milky white or colorless and transparent, hand-touch sense when lubricating the surface like wax-like feeling; toxic cloudy or yellow color, red, black, sticky feel. Jitter detection; shaking force to seize the plastic bag look, the sound crisp and non-toxic; toxic astringent sound boring. Fire detection: non-toxic, flammable, yellow flame tip, local was green, dripping like a candle burning, a paraffin smell; toxic non-flammable, away from the fire is extinguished, the flame tip yellow, the bottom of the green, softening can pull into a filament. The main toxic toxic plastic bags for the vinyl chloride is a toxic substance. Vinyl chloride can be respiratory, digestive, blood invade the body. Poisoning, dizziness, headache, disorientation, poor judgment, a drunk feeling, but also the whole body tingling, chest pain, cough, sputum, severe cases can cause pulmonary edema, liver damage. According to the information, vinyl chloride can cause liver hemangioma and respiratory tract cancer, eye and skin have a stimulating effect. It is learned that the color of the plastic bag Jiucheng failure can not be used to hold food. Especially the black plastic bags.

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37

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This ah, sometimes it is also like to use black. Zhang knowledge

2013-02-15 00:27:37