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black-odor smell of gasoline and diesel technology to a one-time marking

New bleaching process to a one-time black-odor smell of gasoline and diesel technical characteristics of a raw material easy to purchase, low price ,600-700 yuan / ton, county or city level may purchase the second, with less: the amount of gasoline and diesel by 2-4 per ton of black-odor %, based on the three want to be dealing with oil, low cost, easy to buy because of low prices of raw materials, adding 2-4% less, that is 20-35 yuan / ton, the cost of processing one ton of oil. Fourth, methods of operation very simple: the black-odor of gasoline and diesel by adding bleaching agents to taste, stirring 20-30 minutes, precipitation, can be achieved by bleaching to the taste of the effect of processing oil into the water can have white or light beige, so that diesel fuel to reach the national standard color, and remove the odor, the added substance is not soluble in bleaching oil, and oil do not react only with the oil impurities from reaction, the reaction can be naturally separated. Fifth, the production operation, no need to set special equipment, the bleaching of raw materials added to the taste of black smelly diesel fuel, mixing or circulation, or by blowing air pump (tires with air pump to blow out the bottom of the tank can be placed in the trachea, the time 20-30 minutes), efficiency is several times the original process. Note: If units or individuals to provide the technology to be beyond my company, the company 10 million reward. Beijing Link Technology Co., Ltd. Xingbang Division Tel :010 -51313061 Website: QQ: 422150442 Address: Camp Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zhongtian Building 5, 1006 Code: 100101chaiyou.gif (0 Bytes) downloads :02006-12-19 08:34

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37