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Brief description of the structure of the tire

(1) the structure of bias tire bias tire mainly by the matrix, the buffer layer, tread, sidewall and bead composition. The main structural feature is the bias ply tire cord, tire tread from the center line with less than 90 degree angle to form ordered, cross-cutting between the layers of cord. (2) radial tire radial tire structure mainly by the matrix, belt, tread, sidewall and bead composition. The main structural feature is the matrix of the cord is not a banana, but between layers parallel to each other from one bead to another bead show radial direction (ie tread near the center line of 90 degrees or 90 degree angle) arranged. Radial direction of the connection matrix was distributed, the tire pressure on the cord was reduced by approximately half of the stress. This carcass ply layers can be reduced. Semi-steel radial light load only 2-3 layers of fiber ply, all-steel truck radial tire steel cord layer is only one layer. By reducing the ply layers, bead part of the rigid and dense than that of some bias tire bead decreased, compensate for these shortcomings is to use a special section of the hard-triangle strips, steel and the steel cord fabric outsourcing Article added to strengthen the system and hardware protection, such as plastic bead. Another characteristic of radial tire belt structure and bias tires with different buffer layers. Belt is an important radial force components, we adopted the multi-layer, small-angle (ie the angle between the cord and the terms of the centerline of the tread), high strength, minimal stretching of the belt to consolidate the tire crown to ensure that the tire has certain dimensions, to withstand the internal pressure caused by the load, moving force of the impact on and reduce the tread and the carcass ply the load and so suffered. (3) pouring the structure of tires in Europe are now studying non-cord tires, this tire and radial tire performance in principle, similar to its manufacturing methods by casting molding method, can be achieved if the tire radial tire performance requirements for the quality of is a revolution in terms of the tire industry, it can simplify the tire manufacturing process, tire curing press molding machine and can not, and can save equipment investment. Although no casting tire carcass cord, but also a need to improve the tire belt handling and stability. (Open chemical network of this post has been edited on 2006-12-12 15:27:10

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37