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Brief Introduction of diesel decolorization

Large part of China's current and medium-sized oil refinery, a small refinery waste plastics, waste tires, waste oil oxidative deterioration of oil, coal tar, by line of oil, crude benzene refining of gasoline and diesel. In the process of its unreasonable because of the production process and raw materials problems, so that the final product color, odor reach the user requirements, and the bleaching of oil refining process and the result of the late long-term storage oxidative deterioration, and less than the national standard. The marking must be taken to various oil MSG system, remove the odor of hydrogen sulfur oxide sediment, gum so deep black, the oil becomes cloudy clear, raise oil appearance, transparency, odor removal increases security stability, to use the standard and improve the economic value. P P of the technology characteristics of new technology to break the tradition of acid, alkali, bleaching clay deodorant complex process, not heated, direct additive by mixing, sedimentation, filtration can be completed P into. Set of impurity, to taste, decolorization, separation in one, adding the raw material tank to complete. About the past, to one of the many-body separation of impurity solution P to save the investment greatly shorten the processing time and its speed is ten times the old process, the cost is one-fifth of the old process, the black-odor of diesel into the tank P, adding 2% of the refined liquid mixing, and so still, you can let go of stratification, and long-term storage does not change color, not bad, good stability. P cost analysis: consumption of chemical raw materials, 20-35 yuan per ton (based on the different materials used in oil costs are different) electricity and other costs are also based on the actual situation of P considered. A few thousand dollars of the investment can produce, easy to purchase raw materials, high efficiency, short cycle, advanced technology, energy saving and no pollution. Technical service fee 8400 yuan, providing a full set of technical formulas and processes. Please come visit with black smelly diesel or petrol, free trial! Note: If units or individuals who go beyond our technology we are willing to reward million. If the operation can be called is not an ideal place to consult. Please our friends and our interest in the technology business negotiations Tel :010 -51313061 Fax :010 -51313062 E-mail: A href = "mailto:" / A We would like to become a career Friends! ! !

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37