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Build your must-see four steps

Corporate Web site to help enterprises to improve visibility and expand business opportunities play an important role, so more and more companies are planning a station, what should we introduce the Build your attention: 1, first of all to prepare the domain name and host. Choose a different domain host, of course, different prices. Certain problems for an enterprise is not the key to how much the price, but also because the quality of future products and services. Prices are generally relatively affordable to buy, but the strength should be selected large enterprises, will be more secure. Recommended Age Internet ( product, which is the highest certification obtained ICANN and CNNIC accredited domain name well-known top-level enterprises, or "Top Ten" and "National trustworthy unit", product quality and price are more reasonable. 2, the payment means. This is generally unnoticed. Large companies to buy products that can protect, if you buy a small company's products, it's attention. Especially the online payment, be sure to use this recommended paydollor and paypal so reliable, and covers a wide range of online payment more secure. 3, if unsatisfied with the existing domain name may go to price to sell the domain name trading site. Note that, in order to transfer some of the insurance, the best services in your home up that provided trading platform. Registered in the Internet era, changed its name to trade in time and space. Fast transfer, no risk of many transactions, you can rest assured. 4, then do site. Site is not a difficult thing to do, the easiest is to make do on the Internet for the next template. But if want to have features and new ideas, it is best to find a professional to create an exclusive network of the company for you, but the price may not be low. The following is the domain name can refer to the type and description, as well as contact information, might need to know: CN (China) price is low, the most widely used domestic domain. . COM (Company) /. NET (Network) 98 yuan / year. MOBI (Mobile exclusive) 174 yuan / year. HK (Hong Kong) 360 / 160 yuan in the first year / year. BIZ (business class) /. ORG (Organization) 98 yuan / year. NAME (celebrity / personal) /. INFO (informational) 100 yuan / year. TW (Taiwan) 350 Yuan / Year SH (Shanghai / shop) /. IO (input / output) /. AC (financial / academic) 670 yuan / year. US (USA) 179 yuan / year. WS (Web Class) 199 RMB / year Chinese domain name 280 / years. TRAVEL (Travel) 1500 RMB / year http://www. / Tel 0756-2623870 QQ: 168075865,188092185

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37