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Bureau of UBS for insider trading in the oil deeper into the door

Huicong Chemical News: UBS rely on the media PetroChina (601857) regression accused of money-making, etc., so this year's UBS investment banking on the victory finally sit still. 26 afternoon, the UBS public relations firm Weber Shandwick commission statement said that these accusations have never mentioned. Currently, UBS does not believe that the content of any substantive value. Drew to a close near the beginning, the major brokerage firms have launched their own "golden shares" ... ... The reason UBS issued a statement last resort, mainly due to sales Ruiyin Cheng A-share listed Chinese oil. November 5 listed Chinese oil from the opening price of 48.6 yuan all the way down, as of yesterday to close at 31.54 yuan, down more than 35%, hold-up capital of over hundred billion dollars. UBS accused the media of PetroChina A-share listed in the former, the use of insider information, a substantial holdings in China Petroleum Hong Kong H shares, pushing the price of PetroChina H shares after the profit. Of the accused, UBS said in a statement, before the media published the article, no media and UBS to verify relevant information, resulting in unnecessary public anxiety, while UBS negative impact on the reputation of , UBS expresses its regret. Currently, UBS does not believe that the content of any substantive value. However, this statement is that many market participants are Cidiwuyin performance. "It has said that the media is fake? Has pledged to pursue legal responsibility? UBS is not contests." So said a shareholders. In a statement issued yesterday, after reporter calling UBS Securities, UBS Securities, said the future of the inquiry made after the investment bank underwriting PetroChina most of those now on vacation. "We have a requirement not to speak to the media alone, UBS will be active when needed to contact you." In fact, this is not the first time in recent UBS such an embarrassing position. After China Shenhua (601088) A-share listed on the third day, UBS in Hong Kong, China Shenhua published ratings that H shares in 2008 to reach 101 per share, resulting in China Shenhua A shares and H shares rose rapidly. Subsequently, shares of China Shenhua A wave ushered in the month-long decline, the stock fell more than 30% of the maximum.

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:27:37