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2010 world gold style bathroom

2010 world gold style bathroom Time flies, a blink of an eye, into the end of 2010 is. We can see that in 2010, by the sanitary industry, the emergence of a group of consumers of the brand, which for the modern consumer to create a different brand value. Among these brands, gold bathroom unforgettable style masterpiece. Bath is a famous gold bathroom companies, renowned "China Top Ten Brands bathroom" has been advocated "gold tasting life" business philosophy, its bathroom products received by consumers, and this year won numerous awards, including " Cotton Tree Award "," Chinese famous brand kitchen and bathroom hundred of the top 10, "" Top Ten Project bathroom brand "has become the trend of fine bathroom were the founding leader. Gold medal in 2010 on the road, there are three unusual move, let us see the trend of a surging gold medal. Gold Index: Home City Ranking Yin Zhengyi grade gold medal index is well-known intellectual in the bathroom sector, the strategy to win support channel marketing consultant, select the country of 20 representative cities, the local gold bathroom product sales data for statistical and weighted, derived a new index. The index reflects the living standards of residents in home comfort and taste level home city, close fit while the gold bathroom "tasting golden life" claim. Index ranking in the gold medal in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu ranked the top three. Xi'an, Changsha, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Dalian, Foshan, Shanghai, in fourth to ten. Route through "Bath is still" open dissemination of digital reading material reading materials through the digital sharing of valuable information, and to strengthen the branding effect, which is rare in the home building industry. Mid-2010, gold bathroom with bath lifestyle e-magazine "Bath is still" open a digital magazine spread, a gold medal on the line two consecutive special issue through special reports, design, baby bath, low-carbon water-saving technology, brand situation, bath? products enjoy other columns elegant, refined to pass the gold medal round bathroom brand values, culture, latest trends bathroom products. Moroccan bath family: the network of life due to ethnic group is the recent Gold Mount Bathroom Bath's new term. Moroccan bath family represents a group: the cause has been some achievements, in the busy work and career to create easy to find their own lives, to enjoy the bath as something of a vacuum and to gain physical and mental relaxation. It is understood that family to get out on the Gold Mount bath jacuzzi bath users, "Morocco" stands for "modern" and "massage" double meanings. Moroccan bath family has emerged a new understanding of the quality of life and realization of the sun represents a new urban communities. Moreover, gold bathroom in the bathroom cabinet, toilet, bathtub, shower, faucets and other products have vivid design and innovation with the introduction of a simple interpretation of Chanel bath luxurious and comfortable life philosophy, and to "dancer" for Question brand story widely circulated gold, causing a good reflection of society, a series of initiatives, let us see the rise of the benchmark is the brand style, also see the "fine life" of the actual show.

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