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Manufacturers of soft film ceiling Wuhan Wuhan Wuhan Ya marketing center soft film ceiling beauties soft film ceiling

Manufacturers of soft film ceiling Wuhan Wuhan Wuhan Ya marketing center soft film ceiling beauties soft film ceiling tension membrane ceilings, flexible ceilings, translucent membrane, Wuhan soft film ceiling, soft ceiling film La Punta ceiling With the development of new decorative material constantly emerging, and people living on the constant pursuit of beauty in architecture, decoration on the bold use of new materials and new technology, to express the designer's ideas, design and decoration style. Especially in the interior at the top of the shape, timber on the process than the previous approach and pursue a more beautiful and stylish. When you walk into a restaurant, looked around the room a warm, round the bar occupies a central hall, all the seats around the state into scattered around. But the highlight of the place lies in the ceiling, the designers designed the wavy ceiling like Pinnacle peaks, rolling. But seems to thousands into a cave of stalactites, soft, bright, without losing the style, giving the unlimited imagination, and through the changing light and shadow, creating a warm, harmonious atmosphere. In this way, yet modern and classic to give the United States, makes full exposure to a comfortable environment, and appreciate the visual impact and spiritual enjoyment. This is the soft film ceiling, also known as flexible ceilings, ceiling, or pull pull Peng Exhibition smallpox. Soft film ceiling was founded in Switzerland in the nineteenth century, then by the French Farmland SCHERRER (Fei Lande. Skol) continue to study and improve in 1967, Mr. and successfully extended to the ceiling of Europe and America market. It consists of soft film, side buckle section, composed of a special keel. Keel of which aluminum extrusion, is to hold back the soft membrane of smallpox; and side buckle and soft article is the use of PVC membrane material. It is flexible texture, rich colors and shape can be tension free, completely breaking the traditional smallpox in the shape, color, small assembly and other aspects of limitations. At the same time, it has a fire, anti-bacterial, waterproof, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-aging, and other outstanding features easy installation, all this can not be replaced by the traditional smallpox. Because the traditional smallpox deformation, without water, there will be permanent once the water damage after the flooding, in color and style is also very simple. Soft film ceiling make up the traditional smallpox all aspects of supply, its superiority is impeccable. Fax :027 -65608979 Contact: Mr. Li Tel: 15307137468 http://www.027yjl.comhttp://www.whrmth.comE-mail:yajiali.888 @ soft membrane shape 64.jpg (58.62 KB views) :02010-12-10 10:47

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