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Support domestic products! Breakdown of national brands we should be proud

Support domestic products! Breakdown of national brands we should be proud and Japan recently there have been some unpleasant things, and the community it was suggested that the "boycott" of speech, but to resist or not the differences are great people, many foreign brands are in other countries in the form of joint venture or cooperation production, business interests are intertwined, which has become the world a common phenomenon in economic life. Therefore, the boycott of goods will harm the interests of both producers and consumers, is not conducive to our external cooperation and development. Patriotism is not blind can see boycott of Japanese goods, but with some Japanese brands, we also have to be proud of our national brand. National brand of charm can not be ignored, the following breakdown of those who came to national brands we should be proud! Haier: Leading the rise of Chinese brands. Over the years, Haier is taking the high-end brand name, making it China's number of home appliance brand to outshine others, to lead the industry ... ... Lenovo: brand from China to the international brand. Creation of a brand is difficult, more difficult to create a world brand. Think the new Lenovo and the two brands, the two-brand strategy to integrate? One Product Dibang paint: Paint the top ten Chinese brands. January 2008 One Product Dibang brand was named "Top Ten Influential Chinese paint industry brand" title. In May 2008 was played in the Central United (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd. awarded the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification" title. Mengniu: milk and then start marketing new ideas. Ranking in the Chinese dairy companies, Mengniu rose by section 1116 for the first two, created a peer than a day on average marketing miracle! Li Ning: everything is possible! CCTV "20005CCTV my favorite Chinese brand" selected activities, "Li Ning" as the only sports brand selected. Geely: to go abroad to make the world automotive stage, the wind blowing in China. Frankfurt Motor Show Geely cars across the seas to participate, to become the first Chinese auto industry brands for the first time the world's top auto manufacturers to participate. Tsingtao Brewery: dreams come true passion. Tsingtao beer successfully entered the top ten enterprises in the world, and Tsingtao Brewery's century business history confirms the process of development of Chinese enterprises, ... ...

Posted on 2013-02-15 00:14:29

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My home computer is Lenovo, with no maintenance over several years

2013-02-15 00:14:29