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Side of the bathroom wall that has a beam ~ I removed the wall below the beam. Beam under the beam narrower than a lot of wall

Figure: Demolition of part of a single brick wall, above the demolition of the bathroom wall when closed down part of the middle two bars, no Tonglian together, went to the general location of the wall, I asked the next master, he said, The two steel is pulled from the walls of the role of nothing serious (that is, on both sides of a single wall is not easy to reverse the meaning), there is a problem is to dismantle this wall there is a trabecular width below 120mm 120mm high Connect the ground side raised, I have not dared to touch it, really have not seen such a beam it. . There is shown in the bathroom the following: tearing down walls, when the top of the wall removed to a high trabecular width 120mm 160mm and 120mm long as the ground beam is not connected on both sides of the main wall (ask the teacher said that this also Nothing is window-beam, narrow beam above the door is) anxious! ! To ask you a master. The two walls can be removed it? Impact on the overall structure after removal of it? Multi-storey housing is estimated to be masonry, 4F.

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:08