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Sheraton Suzhou Hotel requires a detailed description of this hotel recently in candidate, I hope insiders help me, thank you ha ~~~~~

Urgent! ! ! ! Thank you, ha ~~~~~

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Sheraton Suzhou Hotel Suzhou Wu Gong Wu Gong Sheraton Hotel is a five-star hotel in Suzhou, Suzhou Wu Gong Sheraton Hotel opened in September 1998. 5-storey hotel is located in Suzhou city, is a five-star hotel. Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway it by rail or by car to Shanghai just 1 hour. 3 km from the city center, airport 90 km, station 5 km. Hotel and drive to do the door across the three King Zhi. Address: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, New Town Road, Changlang District, No. 259, Wu Gong Sheraton Suzhou Hotel rooms are mainly divided West Wing and East Wing of the `` `in the main building also has a small amount of SPG room (that is, members room) has 407 Room rates will increase next year `` estimate the number of towers it `` Ruiguang behind in the hotel hotel `` `a designer is to use a ``` by the way King and the hotel is also designed to imitate a number of spots behind the hotel Suzhou Park ~ ~ ~ Sheraton is the world's 500 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Group brands. Now (March 2006), Starwood hotel brand in Asia looking for acquisitions or joint opportunities. In the August 25, 2005 after the acquisition of Le Meridien, Starwood Hotels & Resorts is looking to acquire brand hotel in Asia. Plans to acquire or joint company in China or India, the Asian market, the extraordinary performance of high-end brand hotels. Starwood acquisition of Le Meridien and it took four years. March 7, 1887, Sheraton's founder Ernest - Henderson was born in Boston, not far from the town of millet tree. Mr. Henderson entered the hotel industry in 1933, is the Sheraton Hotel Sheraton's initial two hotels in a name, in 1937 he founded the Sheraton hotel company, the hotel opened in the Sheraton Corporation in 1939 the name of the unified until 1957, the Sheraton truly established only 20 years built his first hotel.

2013-02-15 03:06:12