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The five elements of gold ordered Huo pay attention to what the lack of wood?

How to transfer, etc.

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Residential Feng Shui make wood: There are many green plants around the house as well, the floor wooden flooring, wooden furniture, home and more flowers and trees placed so that they are living in the forest. Do not sleep on brass bed, and sleep wooden bed, bed sheets quilt of green is good, green pillow (sets). Wood Green Wenchang four mining operation: 2008 Four Green in the Northeast in 2009, four green in the south in 2010, four green in the north. If the parties have windows, open windows, or water for four Wenchang bamboo. Seasonal increase in home wood transported material: a flute hanging bed or desk, or wall hanging Banqiao [bamboo reported safety] FIG. If you need a party of five yellow copper to two black, oolong tea leaves can be placed in the envelopes into the bronze, the U.S. can be used to play both worlds. Placed in the toilet pot. Residential name with [Court], [garden], [village] and so on. Home and placed the tiger, rabbit, cat, or rabbit toys, cat pet. Good habits make wood: 5-7 am to get up, go outside and more trees in local sports. Spring to work harder, do not leave. Hi suitable wooden men with long hair, long A, beard, etc., should be trimmed teeth, not out of body hair. Often wear green clothes, socks, hats and so on. If you wear glasses, then wearing square glasses, and not to the metal frame. Often go to libraries, computer desktop use rabbits or forest. 3 pm to 7 pm, Jin Wang, Xi wood spirit who could not get work, eat fruit can make wood. The best time is 5 am to 7 pm, 21:00 to 11:00.

2013-02-15 03:06:12