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Jinan storey 5 meters of small units

Jinan has no storey 5 meters of small units, about 30 square meters, youth living room easily high number ah? How much second-hand housing? It is best not how much money decoration

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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I really remember a small apartment storey house 5 meters, as if the Kyoto International Bar Ginza shopping malls .. the people near the end at 06 when I checked its price seems to be a square of 7000. Now If there is, then, certainly tens of thousands of the. .. the smallest of small high-level seems to be about 35, which is basically whatever you make your own arrangements, not classified . I remember I read it a model room in the picture, if you can get hold of split it. . If it is not the place that I am wrong. But indeed, I have seen, if not this place, you find a house to the south of Jinan! Never able to find! !

2013-02-15 03:06:12