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Their own two-story house built villa buildings you can count it?

To my parents house demolition, and assess the company according to ordinary standards of commercial assessment, but our house is an independent portal building, second floor, and in the surrounding area can be considered the best, I think their assessment is not fair . to ask, who knows how qualitative villa, ah, how kind of be considered villa. Our house floor area ratio is 1.7. is not too high nor low.

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Villa Villa (villa), that is not industry, is Inhabitation to enjoy life outside the home, second home is not the first home. Trace their origins, there is no clear time starting point. Also appeared very early in ancient China the villa, there is a large imperial palace, the phase of the house, small landlords are wealthy businessmen Squire's Hill, Manor. The emergence of villas in foreign countries have a long history, modern villa on the major foreign industrial revolution is modeled after the development of ideas. According to their geographical location and function of different, is divided into: Mountain Villa (including the Forest Villa), near the water (river, lake, sea) Villas, pasture (grassland) villas, manor-style villas. Built in the suburbs or more scenic. Do not trade in ancient China, said, do not shop. 3rd century, the Italian-style villa hillside area appears step. China's Western Jin appears villas, such as Luoyang Shi Chong's Valley villas. In addition, the ancient Tang Dynasty, the famous villa blue Tianwangweidi Wangchuan Villa, Humble Administrator's Garden Suzhou Ming, Qing Xi Villas in Hangzhou and Beijing gold spoon Park. In modern times, the most characteristic of modern villas are: Wright designed Fallingwater, Le Corbusier designed Savoy villas. Villa design features are: for King, according to local conditions, layout flexibility, body light and simple structure. Truly speaking, called China's first villa is not industry, is the second so-called other meaning. The first residence in a foreign country house called house, second home called the villa. villa first appeared in China, often translated into three, sometimes called the villa, sometimes called the manor, sometimes called the castle, no matter how you translate this thing is living abroad, said on behalf of an independent manor. When multiplied when the villa, a farm and another farm areas linked together to become the estate, which is the prototype we have villas. Compared with ordinary residential villas, in addition to basic functions like addition there are many differences, the villa is a home with a poetic, it represents a certain ideal of mankind. We often say that the villa is, in fact, the property covered by the two foreign types: HOUSE, one is VILLA. If the literal translation, HOUSE should be house, apartment; and it should be Villa VILLA. In fact, our domestic sales in the current real estate market, the majority of villas, not VILLA, but HOUSE. So, how to distinguish HOUSE VILLA, and it? Simply put, VILLA is SECONDHOME, the second home; and HOUSE is the first home, a home. In China's traditional architecture, the villa most of the performance of the private garden. It was first called in China, not industry, the words too literally can be understood as a second office properties. From this point of view, the ancient Chinese and foreign Villa Villa by definition is the same. Therefore, compared with the HOUSE, VILLA is ideal, but HOUSE belong to reality. Design of HOUSE, we would like to have more of a layout of how reasonable, how to clear partitions, How many people to live at home, something where to put the car where to stop, everything has a relationship with the pots and pans - this is home live. VILLA designed, the most important thing is to look at it does not meet our ideal character: if hydrophilic is your ideal, then we should look at this VILLA whether to cross to the surface of the water; If hiking is your ideal, you can simply VILLA wall design to the original rock ... ... snatch half a day, is the best portrayal of life VILLA. Therefore, HOUSE built in the city or near the city, and came to the mountain is between VILLA. According to Chinese words, "Shu" is the field house, "Villa" is another house, which is the second home. Let's save the land of the country is indeed a very important issue. Let the national per capita amount of land is 0.1 hectares, less than other countries of the half. In addition the Chinese population, perennial drought in some places, the lack of rain, food production is not high, it is so, it's love for the land becomes particularly important. But our society is a grade, and some people qualified, just like cars, a Mercedes-Benz, BMW has a more advanced, but still it is small, most of Santana, so we save the land from the state 90% of this perspective, it is intensive, but not to "cut" economic balance can be taken. Villa can receive more money, not income of ordinary people. Villa or second home, or if fewer people in the hills where, if not to protect the area, I think this House should work hard to build, anyway wasteland idle is idle, the house was built, the countries can also impose certain duties . But this place must have sewage treatment, but also to take power through the water and so on. This is a lot better than one at a small village in rural areas accounted for more than one third of the land much better. Single energy-saving building maintenance structure is more important. The original wall of the first 37 to 50% energy saving, and now the external structure is mainly lipid material with hydrogen, followed by the windows, the middle of a cold nest of the windows should be more expensive, but it is better energy efficiency. Better not be another sunny glass surface should not open the windows do not open particularly particularly large. In other ways, a good place in the environment, open windows, air circulation will be better, can not do the best air conditioning. Ministry of Construction to promote saving energy now, I do not dispute that province, but can not say no to allow the construction of villas built to the appropriate building conditions. Another problem is that not only is the villa to the problem, certainly a great power,

2013-02-15 03:06:12