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Harvest Moon cheat request!

Harvest Moon Mineral Town GBA version of cheat all the right partners in the boy version of the password! Hope to give you expert help! Thank you ~!

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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The format of the general finger XXXXXXXX: YY behalf of the address before the colon, colon represents the data for some reason, Goldfinger's address and data shift will occur will not be biased, so a simple calculation can be offset. For example, you find the money cheat address is 02004080H (16 hex) and you search in the simulator money cheats address 020068B4H This means that you have shifted all the finger 020068B4H-02004080H = +2834 H The long-term practice found that most of the finger or not offset, or offset +2834 H, for example: Originally, the money cheat address is 02004080H, then add offset after the address is 02004080H +2834 H = 020068B4H and read more does not matter, for two years plus some math like the word, as long as the two prepared to cheat, this one did not result in another on it, however, compatibility with the latest 1.8 version of the simulator is very strong, the gold finger offset some rules often do not come out so do not try not strange. In this Recommendation 1.72 - the most stable version of the following is not an emulator cheat offset address (in some commonly used to cheat the following after the offset address) boot code X-code = 1FD5206F DCFD5D46 2068D57D If you can not please 2834 money plus an offset 02004080: XXXXX physical maximum: 020041F4: ff million step count rate 020041F8: 7F969812 Villa 020025D8: XX (if the cheats not work, please use the following) 02004e0c: XXXX Table 01: Mountain 02: Street 04: Sea 07: all changes of weather cheat gba version 020025e4: XXXX (this not work with the following) 02004E18: XXXX0000 sunny rain 0002 Snow 0003 0001 Snow 0004 Typhoon home 020027CC: 00 01 02 Big Small All furniture 020027CC: AA020027CD: FF020027CE: 00020027CF: FF020027D0: FF020027D1: FF favorability: Dog goodwill 02004262: ffff (Champion: 02004261: FF) Ma favor 0200261A: FFFF (Champion: 02002618: FFFF) Chicken favor: 02002A1E: FF02002A4E: FF02002A7E: FF02002AAE: FF02002ADE: FF02002B0E: FF02002B3E : FF02002B6E: FF cattle or sheep favor: 02002c12: ff02002c4e: ff02002c8a: ff02002cc6: ff02002d02: ff02002d3e: ff02002d7a: ff02002db6: ff02002df2: ff02002e2e: ff02002e6a: ff02002ea6: ff02002ee2: ff02002f1e: ff02002f5a: ff02002f96: ff favorability seven elves 020045f0: ff02004614: ff0200465c: ff02004638: ff02004680: ff020046a4: ff020046c8: ff elf ability to work seven 020045fc: 00ffffff02004620: 00ffffff02004668: 00ffffff02004644: 00ffffff0200468c: 00ffffff020046b0: 00ffffff020046d4: 00ffffff all MM Red Po Buli 02004359: ffff Mary 02004415: ffff Card Lotus 020044a5: ffff Elle 020044d1: ffff Lin 02004525: ffff Goddess 020045a5: ffff villagers favor: 02004324: ff02004338: ff02004364: ff02004378: ff0200438c: ff020043a4: ff020043b8: ff020043cc: ff020043e0: ff020043f4: ff02004420: ff02004434: ff02004448: ff0200445c: ff02004470: ff02004484: ff020044b0: ff020044dc: ff020044f0: ff0200

2013-02-15 03:06:12