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Car battery is broken, I want to change themselves.

My car is NISSAN MAXIMA. Not opened a few months, the battery has been scrapped. I want to buy a new one, and then his replacement. There is no one to teach me. Do not know on the free message, and Xianxie before.

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Nissan Maxima, there is a battery clamp, screw down under with a helper to remove the battery could have been, still like to buy a size press on OK. Remind you that I remember as if Nissan Maxima car computer with memory, the vehicle completely off after decoding, can not decode your car air conditioning and CD will not work properly. Be careful not to teach you a method of removing the old battery in the battery prior to first find a positive and negative the original series, and then removed the old battery on the positive and negative screw, change the old battery down, according to a new battery, remember the other One can not make the car battery power, the new battery to be installed, the line will be positive and negative press on the series, and finally removed the battery connected to the third line on the up OK. Remember that no matter how you ran the car the main thing is not completely powered down. Avoid decoder to spend money. If you find someone to ask an expert fully power the car has no effect on the car, do not have to find a battery to reach lines. When I said to the method is communication to. Thank you!

2013-02-15 03:06:12