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How the scene after the fire escape

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Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Open the door to escape the hotel meet the regulatory requirements are particular about the hotel building, the room door from the stairwell outside the export or has control over the maximum distance within a certain range, such as high-rise hotel building (over 24 meters), the room door to the nearest stairwell The maximum distance is 30 meters (in the room between the two exits) and 15 meters (in the bags on both sides of the corridor or as end-shaped room.) In this way the evacuation stairwell doors and the doors are open to the evacuation of the direction of escape, as long as the external force, you can easily open and Buzhi Yu waste of time. There is a door with evacuation, more thoughtful design, it added a special hardware, with the body, push, hit you can easily open, look for handrails to avoid the trouble of being hurried. How the people upstairs, the stairs on fire escape stairs on fire, people tend to panic. Especially in the upstairs who is anxious not know what to do. Once this fire to be fearless, first to stabilize their emotions, keep a clear head, try to spot the fire. Such as the use of irrigated, covered with wet blankets and so on, if not immediately extinguished, the fire will burn the more the more prosperous, people have the danger of the fire siege, this time should try to escape. Sometimes within a building on fire, the stairs are not on fire, but smoke often filling the stairwell toward the upstairs people tend to the illusion that the staircase had been cut off, there is no retreat, but in fact most cases, the stairs did not fire, can try to Duolu out. If the breath the smoke, use a wet towel over his mouth and nose, close to the floor or simply run away. Even if the stairs are flame sealed, and in no other way out, the wet blankets and other items can also be used as a cover to go out quickly as soon as possible. If the staircase has indeed been burned off, it seems that proximity to an impasse, they should sit down and think whether there are other stairs to go, can I transfer from the roof or balcony, can borrow the pipes, such as bamboo or rope slide down, can you skip down to step by step and so on. As long as their brains, the general can still be rescued if they have children, the elderly, patients who were trapped in upstairs, but should try to rescue, such as with the quilt, blanket, jacket and other items wrapped. A rope with a rope, no rope knot with tear sheets from sliding along the rope, or throw in the balcony, roof, etc., for out of danger as soon as possible. For help, but also a major rescue measures were besieged by fire there is no way out, people around to hear call for help, will try to rescue or report the fire brigade to the rescue. Residential fire escape in recent years, residential fire situation is grim, and the upward trend, resulting in huge casualties and huge property losses. According to statistics, Jiangsu Province in 2002 residential fires occurred across the province from a total of 2431, 221 casualties, direct property loss of 7.564 million yuan, fire from the number, the total number of fire casualties accounted for 40.2%, 53.1% . Residential fires occurred in 2003 from a total of 2450, 220 casualties, direct property loss of 7.789 million yuan, fire from the number of casualties in the province accounted for 41.7% of the total number of fire investigations, 50.1%, ranking first in various places. Modern residential residents are usually modular, mainly from the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, storage room, balcony components. Modular characteristics of residential fires: the fire of high temperature, air pressure; local space fierce fire, then things can be more spread rapidly; trapped in complex, self-help capacity is weak, slow evacuation, evacuation difficulties; easy to create great casualties. Therefore, the cell-type residential fire escape is very important. One. Road corridor to escape using the stairs. Early in the fire, the corridor, the corridor has not been completely sealed when the fire, the quilt, blanket or mat wrapped around the body wet with water, cover your mouth with a wet towel, low body out of the troubled area. II. Use of windows to escape. Trapped in the fire, most people can use this option. Use of windows to escape the fire is not a prerequisite, but did not spread to the entire unit residential, is also trapped in the room more familiar circumstances, specific practices are: the rope (no rope is available in sheets or curtains torn cloth Replaced) one end of horizontal frame in the window (or other fixed structures indoor), on the other end tied to the two children or the elderly armpit and abdomen, put it along the window to the ground or lower the window, and then broken windows burglary evacuated from the channel others slide down along the rope. III. Use of balconies to escape. Larger because of the fire in the fire, smoke filled the corridor corridor has been unable, you can use the balcony to escape. Interlinked with the balcony doors and windows closed, standing on the balcony shelter, waiting for the arrival of firefighters. High-rise residential building units starting from the seventh floor balcony on each floor adjacent cells connected with each other, trapped in such floors, removable dividers between the broken balcony from the balcony to another unit, re-entering the evacuation routes to escape. IV. Use of space to escape. Larger space in the room while the fire is not serious, can use this method, the specific approach is: the room (bathroom, kitchen can be, the best indoor water) is clean and clear of combustible materials, and clear the room connected to this room fuel, eliminating the threat of fire on the windows and doors, and then closed the doors and windows with the combustion zone interlinked, and with wet quilts, blankets, sealing to prevent smoke and toxic gases to enter and wait for the fire extinguishing or fire rescue. Five. Using pipelines to escape. Exterior wall of the room fell into the water or water supply pipelines, capable people, we can use pipes to escape, this method generally does not apply to women, the elderly and children. In short, the fire escape must remain calm in the correct state of affairs is estimated that the fire development and spread, not blindly take action, first consider the safety and feasibility, before taking the line

2013-02-15 03:06:12