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What, now own a 4000 to 5000 with the computer how to configure?

I would like with computers, will now own a 4000 to 5000 with the computer how to configure? Current CPU clock speed did not like and how they change over fifty-six years ago?

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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The price you are quoted coal, would actually be cheaper to buy (every kind of difference 5-20 yuan) recommend that you choose Intel platform, the computer CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz (bulk) 605 (a mainstream dual-core CPU, Home games are normal problems) CPU Cooler: Aeolus Winner6700 65 (future use high-end CPU, can also be used) motherboard: Colorful Smart Board C.P965-MVP 670 (a lot of headroom, can later be equipped with high side of the accessories) Memory: GeIL Millennium Article 512M DDRII667 two 560 (mainstream capacity, enough) Graphics: Colorful Sky 7300GT-GD3 CF Gold 599 (office, watching movies, playing mainstream games are good enough) hard : Seagate 7200.9 SATA 160GB 485 (mainstream capacity) Display: BenQ FP92W 1640 (19-inch widescreen LCD, the price performance are good) Power: HuntKey calm King Diamond Edition 2.2 238 (future upgrades of other high-end accessories, power would not changed) Chassis: to see their preferences 100-200 yuan's line of speakers are: to see their favorite keyboard: to see their favorite mouse: These are basically 5000 to see their own preferences enough, the mainstream consumer, the game no problem, did not use VISTA problem, since the space set aside to upgrade the low frequency, and can be a lot higher performance ah

2013-02-15 03:06:12