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Need to consider what to buy a house, you need to pay attention to the problem? Please buy a house had gone through in detail about the experience of experts

Must be very tedious, and now Xiangqilaijiu headaches! Which my brother and sister to pointing about the current thanked!

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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1, fifteen talks to buy a house move (a) leave for their own room for bargaining. If you are a buyer, bidding to be lower. However, chaos can not bargain, prices must be cut out in a reasonable range. (B) the other side first to speak, let him show that all the requirements, the first hidden live your own point of view. (C) the other side concessions on important issues first, if you wish, on fewer issues, you can also be concessions. (D) make other efforts to fight for everything can get, because people easily get stuff for really value. (E) Do not give too fast, late concession to be better, because the longer he waits, the more will treasure it. (F) the same level of concessions is not alive to the. For example, 60% of the other side you, you can make him 40%, if the other party that you should make me 60%, you can say, I can not afford to decline the other. (Vii) not to make unnecessary concessions, concessions each time there should be some benefit from each other. (Viii) Sometimes you might make some concessions without any loss. (I) remember "I'll think about it," This is a concession. (J) If you can not eat dinner and tried to eat a sandwich approach; if not eat a sandwich, at least get a commitment. (Xi) Do not take it lightly, remember each concession contains forward to your profits. (Xii) do not hesitate to say "no." Most people are afraid to say "no", in fact, if you say enough, he will believe you are really saying "no." So be patient, but also consistent. (Xiii) Do not derailed. Although the case of concessions, we must always keep the overall favorable situation. (Xiv) If you want to go back to do the concessions, nor embarrassed, because it is not a protocol, everything can start over. (Xv) Do not make too many concessions too quickly or to avoid each other too adhere to the original price; in the negotiation process, we should always pay attention to the number and extent of other concessions. 2, Attention: In addition to location, noises, size, developers have five cards (which of course does not include the potential appreciation of the) property management can not be ignored, but to select the "cost" the best. 1, the construction business reputation. Buy a new house will face some risks, such as: missing bankrupt builders, the recovery of nowhere; submitted on procrastination, or even cancel the contract; version submitted not meeting the quality requirements, and so together. 2, model builders should not be confused by room. Meilun to know that the United States hwan is posted with money. In the model room is to feel the suitability of the structure, size is appropriate. To calculate the cost required to update 3. building still like to use their own purchase contract, the terms inside the main object of protection was his own. please can the real estate brokers and lawyers who buy their own interests more secure. 4, new home inspection is essential. new home inspection focused on in the room. inspector will check whether there is not complete, gaps and quality issues. will have a new house the equipment, piping, ventilation, heating and insulation system to conduct a comprehensive examination, and will be completed to receive certificate and warranty certificate detail records. will inform the new home of the one, two, seven years warranty content. all of these records are not completed with construction contractors to negotiate issues and the basis of quality problems. 5, does not allow for many new home builders sale of public hands before delivery. to consider the new houses built before the work if their family circumstances change and the measures to be taken. to invest in buying new houses, but to pay attention to the possibility of speculative. 6. Select experience brokers, new homes do not bargain, it was help, why not! 1, will see the project developer carefully selected for this park, the Court, do not be deceived, when it is 1 room, 2 rooms, do not that such and such a garden or misleading subjective, and must be the garden. 2, will look at location of all real estate advertising will draw a location sketch paint more art, as if all adjacent to rivers and lakes, mountains and rivers. In fact, the difference may be tens of miles way, you only have control coordinates on the map to find the real, you will know the true position of properties for sale. 3, see the price of the purchase price or should figure out is starting. If it is from, is the lowest real estate housing prices, while the actual price, because of floor, direction, size and construction progress of the increase. Of course no one to buy, the price will fall. 4, would distinguish the appearance of chart you have to look at the beautiful appearance of the map is real map or the effects of plans, those who do not present the latter, rendering the computer fiction, do not take it seriously. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. 5, do not fan size chart size chart for buyers who are attractive, but you do not fascinated by it, have to go and look. Because some units figure was significantly inappropriate, feel more than observed in the open. 6, to understand the real estate developers to buyers who see your ads, be sure to understand the development of enterprises or other units involved in the project is trustworthy. Buyers do not understand easily. 7 Do not be lost in the eye offers real estate ads currently registered with the project are the advantages and benefits, yet I never see the weak and weaknesses of the project. You have to think is true, do not be what is "Security" or similar words are confused, but do not discount for a variety of names, and heart. 8, a very important qualification Zhenghao qualification if the ad does not permit number, just say you can not buy a guarantee of property rights. Granting of property rights is a government action, the developer of the oral "guarantee" is not reliable. 9, a close look

2013-02-15 03:06:12